Roofs are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snow, hailstorms, and strong winds. They provide protection to the house and the people inside. But, with time, the roof’s functional efficiency keeps decreasing. Harsh weather causes damage to the shingles, gutter system, flashing, ventilation, and the underlying surface of the roof. To avoid such problems, it is essential to perform preventative maintenance.

Why is preventative roof maintenance better than repairs? 

#1 Avoid Surprise Water Leak Issues: 

Avoid Surprise Water Leak Issues

If you are not inspecting the roof regularly, then damage caused to the roof may lead to water leakage issues. This might come as a surprise to you because you assume the roof is strong and does not require maintenance. Meanwhile, water leaks would not only damage the roof and attic but also stain the walls and ceiling. Besides, the area stained with water ends up promoting the growth of mold/mildew. You can avoid such mishaps if you focus on preventative maintenance of the roof. Roofing professionals will examine the roof and let you know the exact condition of it. If there are any signs which indicate potential roof damage or water leakage, then these issues can be prevented before a bad problem occurs.

#2 Avoid Unexpected Roofing Repair Expenses: 

Avoid Unexpected Roofing Repair Expenses

When you are focused on preventative maintenance and getting it done regularly, you are aware of the condition or health of the roofing system. You know whether there is a need for any repair work… and if there is, then you can get it done immediately. If you are not examining the roof regularly and conducting preventative maintenance, then you are unaware of the damages that the roof is undergoing. You will only come to know when the damage is severe and getting such damages repaired is quite expensive. There are many professional roofing contractors who provide free roofing inspections. Get your roof inspected so you can avoid exorbitant roofing repair expenses.

#3 Your Warranties Won’t Be Nullified: 

If you are not keeping your roof well-maintained and directly reach out to the roofing manufacturer for warranty-covered repairs, they have the right to deny it if the damages were caused due to poor maintenance of the roof. But… if you are getting your roof regularly maintained, you can submit a claim for repair work which is included in the warranty period. The company will help you with roofing component replacement and also cover the labor cost.

#4 You Won’t Have To Face A Denial For An Insurance Claim: 

If you don’t have preventative maintenance done to your roof, and something bad happens, like it caves in due to a lack of maintenance, you can’t expect your insurance to pay for it! An insurance company wants to know you did all you could to maintain your roof– they don’t want to pay for your negligence.


Professional roofing contractors should handle your roof’s regular inspection and maintenance. With their tools and expertise, they can keep your roof in good condition such that problems won’t get out of control.