Determining the actual condition of a roof in Minnesota is not easy. This is because the weather can be harsh during certain times of the year, and you may not be able to see your roof. Roof repairs and roof replacement can also be quite expensive. However, this can be prevented through regular inspection. To ensure that your roof is inspected properly, you should hire a professional.

Why You Should Inspect Your Roof

As a homeowner or potential homeowner in Minnesota, you should schedule a roof inspection because of its many benefits. A roof inspection is necessary to ensure that the roof remains in good condition. Moreover, an inspection will help you discover any issues that may lead to additional damage.

The reasons for a roof inspection are to identify problems such as roof drooping or sagging, shingle granules in gutters, shingles buckling or curling cracks or leaks in the roof, moss, or plant growth, and missing shingles. When common roofing problems are identified on time, homeowners can then prioritize home improvement projects.

Why Get Your Roof Inspected? 

roof inspection

Inspecting the roof of your Minnesota home is essential to its condition. When inspected and properly maintained, your roof performs efficiently through its lifespan.
Here are some common reasons for roof inspection in Minnesota:

1. Identify damage

Some roof damages are noticeable only to professional roofing contractors. The roof of your Minnesota home may look perfect, but trained personnel will be able to tell if there are underlying issues with it. A roof inspection performed by a professional is a sure way to know if there is any damage to your property.

The best way to determine if your roof is damaged is to hire a local contractor with the right equipment and skills. You can find the best in your area by searching online and/or asking for a reference from people in your neighborhood.

2. Warranty and repairs

A roof may be performing poorly for a variety of reasons. Some of the roof’s problems may be covered by your roof warranty. Calling a professional to inspect your roof will let you know whether you need to file a claim or not.
When you file a warranty claim, the manufacturer or contractor will visit the area to assess whether the reason for the problem is covered under warranty. The homeowner should also have the warranty documents ready and file the claim as soon as the issue is noticed.

3. Weathering and aging

All roofs– regardless of their quality– endure the natural process of aging and weathering. This process is a result of the presence of tiny openings on the surface of the roof. Such openings must be addressed immediately, as they may lead to water infiltration.

Additionally, regular roof maintenance for your Minnesota home will help you plan maintenance. Proper care of the roof will prevent additional damage.

4. Damage as a result of routine maintenance

roof repair

Routine maintenance performed in/on your house may result in roof damage. This kind of issue may be a result of technicians performing maintenance on HVAC systems or other home systems.
A roof inspection will immediately let you be aware of an issue so that you can address it in time. Some repairs, such as cleaning off roof debris or sealing your roof’s mechanical access panels, may be recommended.

5. Storm damage

Minnesota is a place that is prone to harsh weather conditions. Your roof bears the brunt of hail, high winds, and other elements. These elements may lead to water infiltration and the need for you to repair the roof.
Fortunately, you will know if there is any damage to your roof when you inspect your roof in time. Moreover, a roof inspection will allow you to identify weak areas that need to be worked on.

6. Leak assessment

You will be able to discover leaks if you perform regular maintenance. Moreover, regular checks on your roof will let you know its condition. You should take whatever steps are necessary to fix any needed repairs you notice. If you have the roof of your Minnesota home inspected by a professional, you will get to the root of a leak problem.

7. Drainage condition

The condition of your roof’s drainage system is another thing that an inspection will reveal to you. The state of your drainage will significantly dictate the level of performance of your roof. If water-logged, your roof can increase the risk of moisture everywhere. However, you can remove all trash, leaves, and debris that may cause a clogged gutter or downspouts if you keep your roof well-maintained. A clean drainage system will ensure the proper flow of water away from your roof and its foundation.

Furthermore, you can prevent expensive future costs if you prioritize roof maintenance. Additionally, you will know the condition of your drainage systems and what sort of repair is required if you inspect the roof regularly.

8. Stop damage before it begins

Having a leaking roof is not the only sign of damage– it could be a sign of more damage. In addition to water penetrating through your roof, there could also be structural damage. A regular roof inspection will allow you to know the general condition of all the components of your Minnesota home. You can take action at a time when you detect issues with your roof early enough.

Additionally, roof inspectors in Minnesota will be able to give you more tips on how to keep your roof in top shape. Their recommendations come from what they notice in the process of inspecting your roof. Generally, regular roof inspections will get you prepared for every possibility that comes with Minnesota weather.


Your roof can be impacted by Minnesota’s ever-changing weather. Protect your investment through maintenance and routine roof inspection. A roof inspection will let you know a lot about the roof over your Minnesota home. If you are in search of a trustworthy roofing company in Minnesota, then call the experts at Arko Exteriors. Their qualified, licensed, and professional team will help inspect and maintain the roof of your Minnesota home.