Renovating the exterior components of your house gives it a different appearance. Doing so will increase the value of the property and enhance its curb appeal. Your visitors will be surprised by the changes you have implemented on the exterior of the house! While planning exterior renovations, there are various components that will capture your attention. Doors, windows and siding are crucial elements to help improve the appearance of the property.

Many homeowners find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to replacing the siding and windows. Which should be done first? Usually experts suggest you choose windows first and then do the siding.

Windows should be installed before siding to protect the capping…

You may wonder about the word capping, right? It refers to the presence of a protective layer of vinyl or aluminum. This layer is placed above the exterior of the windows. If you install siding before windows, you will have to remove the old siding. During the procedure, you can cause massive damage to this protective layer over the windows. Even while installing new siding, there will be problems in maintaining the proper gap between the two elements of the house. Cap fixing is expensive work, and usually people just leave it in the same condition– but then there is always the threat of water leakage from the sides and corners of the wall. Capping and re-capping can cost you more than $1,000. The cost will depend on the sizes and material of your windows. Sometimes experts suggest having windows and siding installed simultaneously to simplify the work and make it cost-effective.

Installation Of New Windows

New Window Installation.

For new window installation, you have to remove the old trim. Besides, you will have to remove the siding of the particular wall for fixing windows. Therefore, experts recommend replacing windows before siding. When installing windows you need to deal with the moisture barrier, frames and capping to ultimately make the windows and siding waterproof.

Installation Of Replacement Windows

window replacement.

Generally, the installation of replacement windows takes place from interior sections of the house. Therefore, there is typically no requirement to remove the trim or capping. In such scenarios, you can install siding before windows. Ideally, speak with a siding contractor to know everything about siding installation as it relates to replacement windows. Typically, replacement windows are easy to install and remove. The barriers, trims, frames and capping can be placed even after the window installation. This flexibility means you can either install the windows first or the siding.

What Happens When You Install Siding Before Windows?

With siding installations, you will not get proper space to place the moisture barriers, trimming, frames and capping for most windows. Without effective placement, you cannot make the windows and siding waterproof. This will leave the siding and windows in miserable condition. You may have to undergo frequent repair work making the entire thing ineffective and expensive for you.


Whether you want to install new windows or siding for your house, it’s important to know about the process. Installation of siding before windows can make it difficult for the technicians to place moisture barriers and other waterproofing layers. Got questions about windows and/or siding? For more information, call Arko Exteriors at 763-434-2756.