As a homeowner, your roof defends you from many environmental factors that can cause unimaginable damages. The roof protects from extreme heat from the sun, enhances the appearance of your home, keeps you safe from storms, and helps you manage your energy consumption as well. 

You may have only a little knowledge about what your roof can do until damage begins to happen and things suddenly change around you. All of a sudden, a tornado or hailstorm can sweep off your roof and displace you and your household.

Roof emergencies require a quick response as they happen unexpectedly. However, you can still prepare for these sudden happenings if you know what to do. 

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can handle roof emergency problems:

Control Your Emotion

It’s alright to get upset or freak out at a sudden occurrence, but you have to calm your nerves, take a deep breath and think of what to do to solve the current situation. Whether the damage on your roof is caused by fire, storm or a tree has fallen on it, you have to try not to overreact.

While you control your emotions, you can make decisions on what to do to save yourself from this kind of sudden situation. 

First, look out for people and pets who have been at home with you at the time of the damage and ensure they are safe.

Some severe roof damage can lead to death and serious injuries– this is why you must be concerned about the safety of your household. After everyone has come together, gather valuables and furniture that must be saved.

If it is storm damage, the roof will leak uncontrollably and you need to unplug electrical appliances to avoid electrocution. Elevate all items that can be damaged by water.

Your Emergency Roof Repair Should Not Be A DIY Project

You should never fix a badly damaged roof by yourself. Contacting a professional roof company is the best option. In Minnesota, you can call Arko Exteriors

You should never be tempted to climb up onto a damaged roof as you can step on bad spots and fall. You can get injured and also cause more damage to the roof. You are only expected to save your valuables and wait for the professionals to climb the roof.

Find A Professional Roofing Company You Trust

Professional for roof repairing

Be prepared by having a trusted roofing company in mind in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Do not wait around until you have faced a roof problem before searching for a company to help you. 

A good roofing company normally responds to emergencies as soon as you give them a call. An expert roof repair company can handle your roof problem with ease, using their years of experience and top-notch skills.

Contact Your Insurance Agent For Compensation

Immediately after the damage has happened, record videos, take pictures and get a written statement from your roof inspector– and give your insurance company a call. Notify them about the roof damage and file a claim, attaching all the evidence you have gathered.

This step is very crucial because most insurance companies recommend a roofing company for homeowners under them, and with an emergency, you may want to show all the evidence to ensure the logistics are properly handled.

Relocate To A Safe House While Planning To Fix Your Roof

If you have family or friends that can help you for a while, go stay at their place immediately. Some roof problems can be so extreme that you may not feel comfortable and safe in your home until the roof has been replaced. 

Remain Hopeful

Do not feel like you have lost everything. Be hopeful that your roof will be repaired or replaced with a new one, and your home can feel even safer and more elegant. when you return. If you have an insurance policy backing you up, there is hardly anything to worry about.

It may seem heartbreaking to have your roof damaged by a natural disaster, and you may not like the idea of your kids getting freaked out due to this occurrence, but with the team of professional roof contractors working on your damaged home, you will surely get the best outcome.

Do Your Best To Avoid Future Roof Emergencies

proper maintenance of roof

Even though damage can suddenly occur on your roof and cause you a series of problems, you can still avoid some roof emergency problems by trimming any low-hanging branches near your roof. These branches can easily break off during storms and hit your roof, while during the dry days, a dead tree branch can fall on your roof and damage it. Therefore, you should clear out debris from your rooftop from time to time, which will also help keep your gutters clean.


Homeowners may not be able to predict a storm that will damage their homes, but it is important to prepare for any sudden outcome. If you are living in an area prone to bad storms, you should hire a professional to inspect your roof so that if there are potential damages, you can have the roof fixed or replaced before it is completely swept off by such storms.