What are some eco-friendly roofing tips a typical roofing contractor might share? Here are some of them…

#1 Use Eco-friendly Roofs

Eco-friendly Roofs

When you must put a roof over your head, you should opt for eco-friendly types! Some roof types may look first-rate for your environment, but they are not good for your home. So, do a thorough search when you are planning to put a roofing structure in/on your newly built home or when you want to replace an old roof. Go for roofs that are suitable for your environment. You can go for white roofs since they provide maximum sunlight reflection that helps in minimizing cooling costs during the summer.

#2 Perform Seasonal Roof Inspections

For each season of the year, you should do roofing inspections. This is because each season introduces new challenging situations that put your roof at risk of damage. Do not inspect your roof only during harsh weather conditions as the integrity of the roof can still be threatened even in fair weather. It is very important to inspect your shingles to spot damages that can lead to severe problems. Also, UV solar rays can be problematic on humid days.

Solar energy can cause severe damage to weatherproof elements embedded in the roof, and can be the reason for them to dry out. The roof tiles can also become expanded and become loose gradually. Also, during months with less warmth, roofs normally receive several chaotic problems that are caused by heavy snow and hailstorms. You may not suspect anything until the ice on the roof begins to melt away. When this happens, it can leak down to the roof and wreak havoc on all attached items on the roof such as gutters and flashings.

#3 Keep The Roofing Area Clear

Eco-friendly Roofs

Many times roof problems are caused by tree branches overhanging your roof. They cause hazards to the roof when the wind knocks them off. To avoid this type of damage to your roof, trim tree branches that are likely to fall off during intense weather conditions. Do not ignore tree limbs that merely scrape or brush against your roof since they can also cause damage by wearing down or scraping off your roof shingles. You may not need to remove the entire tree. Trim off the parts that will cause roof hazards.

#4 Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Your gutters can be a problem for your roof if they accumulate dirt. Therefore it is necessary to look into this section of the roof. It is a task that many homeowners ignore but it can also be a huge problem if care is limited in this area. By cleaning your gutters, you will be getting rid of debris, leaves and other external elements that clog them.

If your gutter is blocked due to ice, it can be more hazardous than dirt because it freezes and puts pressure on the gutters. This can cause the gutter to become dislodged from the roof. If your roof was already slightly damaged and needed repair, this can bring a more serious problem to that roof. Therefore, clean your gutter every season, and ensure that you hire a trusted roofing expert to give your roof and gutter a thorough inspection.

#5 Treat Your Roof For Lichen, Algae and Moss

Lichen, algae and moss can bring harm to your roof if they are not treated. These organisms can cause extreme damage by giving your roof an unpleasant appearance. These problems on your roof happen if you keep experiencing incessant humidity and rainfall and less sunshine. If you keep seeing continuous coloring on your roof, it is important to contact a roofing professional to inspect the roof and have it cleaned.


Caring for your roof helps in reducing the cost of energy billing, and minimizes the cost of roof repair since your roof will hardly suffer any significant problem. Severe roof problems can be expensive, especially where there is a need to replace the roof completely. So, ensure that you care for your roof to keep it safe and eco-friendly. Arko Exteriors is a Blaine, MN, roofing company that can handle a variety of jobs including roof inspections and gutter cleaning; Call 763-434-2756 for more information.