Homeowners are very specific about adding roofs over their houses. It is not just important to protect the house, but also to improve the curb appeal of the house as well. With the right roofing material, you can ensure the safety of your family and the house. And it can look great, too.

What is the best roofing material? Usually, most homeowners choose metal or asphalt roofing material for residential properties. These roofing materials are in high demand in the market due to their quality features. Metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice!

What are essential roofing questions you should ask a contractor if you plan to get a metal roof? Here are some…

#1 Are You A Licensed Metal Roofing Contractor?

 Metal Roofing Contractor

This is usually the most crucial question you should ask the contractor before hiring them. You should never work with metal roof contractors who do not have any authorized license from the government.  Every state will have different requirements for licensing. As a homeowner, you should ensure that the metal roofing contractors follow up with all those requirements set by the government. Verify and confirm the license provided by the contractor. Besides this, you should take into consideration how long they have been licensed for providing metal roof installation services.

#2 Do You Provide Any Insurance To Customers?

Many metal roofing contractors provide you with installation and repair services. But not everyone is ready to give insurance for it! Metal roofing over your house is a huge investment. You must ensure that the work provided by the contractor is insured. Only professional roofing contractors offer insurance for metal roofs. Before you hire a metal roofing contractor, know whether they can provide you with insurance or not.

#3 Do You Provide A Written Estimation Of Your Services?

Do you like getting surprises on your roof bills? No! Another question to ask your roofing contractor is to know whether you can get the estimation of their services in a written format. A professional metal roofing contractor will give you the cost estimation for services, materials and labor provided. With this, they will also provide you with details regarding additional costs that you might face with such services.

#4 Do You Have Extensive Experience Installing Metal Roofs?

 Metal Roofing Contractor

Verify the experience of the roofing contractors by seeing what they’ve already done in the area. Without proper experience, the roofing contractor cannot offer guaranteed services. If the installation is not perfect, it will lead to frequent repairs and/or collapse of the roof. The roofer should have more than 3 years of experience in metal roof installation and repair services. They should be able to show you their prior work.

#5 Will You Offer Services To Remove The Old Roof?

Usually many roofing contractors do not offer services for removing the old roof. The homeowners have to get another company to take off the old roof! This will increase the service charges for you. Therefore, it is better to ask whether the roofing professional will offer you these services or not. Professionals will remove the roofs efficiently and provide a perfect underlayment for the new installation(s).


Now you know some of the crucial questions to ask your potential metal roofing contractor. Need metal roof services? Arko Exteriors can do the job! For more information, contact Arko Exteriors of Blaine, MN, at 763-434-2756.