It can be difficult to decide on the perfect siding combination for your home design. However, you can still find a beautiful color combination if you live in a classic, contemporary, bold or elegant architecturally-designed home. Not only is the color of siding important, but so is the material used. Therefore, you must bring these elements together for the perfect siding combination.

Siding Combinations To Match Common Home Designs

choosing the perfect siding combinations

From bold to basic and contemporary to classic, the options are endless when it comes to your home’s exterior design. Having a siding that matches the overall design of your home can immediately increase its curb appeal. With so many siding materials available, you need to narrow your selection to get the best result.

Here are some good siding designs for common homes

1. Craftsman Homes

You may be able to recognize a Craftsman home even if you know nothing about architecture. This home design is one of the most recognizable in the U.S. The Craftsman’s home features larger tapered columns that support a wide front porch. There are also multi-pane windows that have wide molding, vast windows all over the home, wood, stone, and brick throughout the home, and a fireplace in the living room. There are also custom handcrafted features such as built-in cabinetry and shelving.

The Craftsman home has a charm that younger homeowners tend to gravitate toward. This is partly due to its practical layouts and natural detail. Many design experts and homeowners prefer to combine nature-inspired siding colors with the simplicity and natural materials of Craftsman homes.

The perfect siding combinations for Craftsman homes may include:

  • Pale coastal blue with salmon accents and white trim and beige
  • Sage green siding with an espresso sliding door and a white trim
  • Two-toned green siding with espresso and a white trim
  • Warm sandy beige with a black entry door and a white trim
  • White siding with a black entry door and a pale beige trim

2. Cape Cod Homes

siding combinations for common home designs

Another distinctively designed American home is the Cape Cod. It has a reputation for being a classic American cottage design. This is partly due to its practical designs, central chimneys and gabled roofs. Other defining features of this American home design are its symmetrical and simple styles, windows on both sides of a central door, and very little ornamentation.

Today, white, sandy beige, and ocean blues are popular colors for Cape Cod homes. The siding combinations that will be just perfect for this home design may include:

  • Beige with a deep orange entry door and white trim
  • Butterfly yellow that has a white trim
  • Gray with black shutters and white trim
  • Two-toned Colonial white and blue with white trim

3. Colonial Homes

The Colonial-style home design gained popularity after about a century when Cape Cod first appeared. When compared to Cape Cods, Colonial homes have a more formal design. People usually refer to Georgian Colonial architecture when they talk about Colonial designs. Modern homes built with the same style are also referred to as Colonial designs.

The same features of Colonial homes can be found in traditional Georgian homes. These features include decorative moldings, a formal dining and living room, side-gabled roofs, multi-pane windows that are symmetrical, a centered front door, large chimneys, and a bedroom on the second floor.

The color combination of this home design tends to be more like the stately and dramatic designs of the Georgian era. Some perfect siding combinations for Colonial homes are:

  • Boothbay blue siding with black shutters, red entry door, and white trim
  • Country lane red siding with black accents and white trim
  • Gray siding with black shutters, red accents, and white trim
  • Off-white siding with black shutters and white trim

Top Siding Colors

Color matters when it comes to siding combinations. When perfectly matched, colors can enhance the curb appeal of your home’s exterior. It is important to know that not all colors are perfect for siding combinations. This is because some colors appear more appealing than others.

You may consider the following siding colors for the exterior of your home…

Black siding

Choosing a black siding means you are going bold with your home’s design. This color is perfect if you want your home to stand out. Additionally, it gives the exterior of your home a modern touch. You can also elevate the look of your home by going with black as an accent or trim color.

White siding

If there is any siding color that has stood the test of time, it is white siding. This color never goes out of style. You can never go wrong with classic, bright and fresh white siding. It makes a home appear a little bigger. It is the embodiment of color for vintage and traditional homes. Needless to say, it is easy to accent.

Blue siding

A color that has become a standout in recent times is blue. A blue siding is perfect if you want to stand out among your neighbors. It has a richness and various shade options that offer an exceptional look on northern and coastal homes.

Green siding

The earthly tone of green looks great when surrounded by an appealing landscape. It is a perfect option for people whose homes are located in wooded areas. Its natural and calming warmth gives off a peaceful vibe. It is a siding that homeowners will love looking at all day long.

Gray siding

Many homeowners love gray siding. Gray has become a timeless color. It looks great, especially on Cape Cod homes. It also has a versatile tone that’s good for almost any home design.


You need to find the perfect siding combination for your home to bring out its beauty. Make your exterior look its best by choosing expert color combinations as discussed. If you need help, hire Arko Exteriors to help you design the “new” look of your house and make actual changes, as needed, to the paint colors on your home’s exterior, including its windows, doors and trim!