When’s the last time you had your roof checked for problems? If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your roof until you have a noticeable problem… and by that time, the damage is usually pretty significant.
What are 5 of the worst residential roofing issues and how can you solve them? Here they are…

#1 Water Leaks

Water leaks are quite common in every home. This happens when the roof is not strong enough to handle the water that is falling on the roof. The water can be in the form of either melted snow or rainfall. If the water that gets collected on the roof does not have a proper way to flow down and off the roof, then it starts seeping inside the house. You can observe water stains on the ceiling and walls that indicate you have a leaky roof.

Why Does It Happen?

A water blockage happens due to debris on the roof and/or gutter that’s blocking the flow of water and/or the presence of cracks on the roof letting water seep inside the house.

How To Fix:

Get the roof regularly cleaned and inspected. This way, minor cracks can be sealed to prevent water leaks. Besides, a clean roof will let the water flow to gutters and get drained out properly.

#2 The Issues With Shingles — Broken, Cracked, Curled, Or Missing

missing shingles

Roofing shingles are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun, and after a certain period, they can start curling up. Sometimes, due to hailstones and storms, shingles develop cracks or get broken. Moreover, high winds blow off the shingles and the roof underlayment gets exposed to the harsh climate.

Why Does This Happen?

When the shingles start becoming weak, they will curl up from the edges, and it is easy for the slightest wind to blow them off the roof. Moreover, it is easier for weakened shingles to break.

How To Fix It?

When you are getting the roof inspected if you find that the roof shingles are no longer strong and have started to curl up from their edges or have developed cracks, then you must get them replaced with new ones.

#3 Flashing Getting Damaged

the flashing of the roof

Flashing is the component of the roof that covers the chimney area and keeps it protected. If the flashing is damaged, it becomes easier for water to enter the house. It will make the roof vulnerable to harsh weather conditions.

Why Does It Happen?

The flashing may develop cracks due to falling tree branches during storms or the pressure created by hailstones.

How To Fix It?

You need to get all the roof flashing inspected at least once a year. If flashing is damaged, get it replaced.

#4 The Formation Of Ice Dams

When the water that falls on the roof is unable to find its way down, it gets blocked in the gutter. During the winters, this clogged water turns into ice dams. Ice dams exert excessive pressure on the roof as well as on the gutters and lead to damage.

Why Does It Happen?

When debris on the roof and gutter is not removed, water gets clogged.

How To Fix It?

Keep the roof and gutters regularly cleaned and well-maintained.

#5 Damage Caused Due To Falling Trees And Branches

A heavy tree may fall directly on the roof and lead to cracks in the shingles or the breaking of roof edges and flashing.

Why Does It Happen?

If trees are not regularly trimmed, stormy weather can cause them to fall on the roof.

How To Fix It?

Simple– get trees and their branches trimmed so they’re nowhere near your house/roof!


All sorts of damages can happen to your roof. If and when you’ve got roof issues, call Arko Exteriors at 763-434-2756 for roof inspections, repairs and replacements.