Knowing if your leaking roof is an emergency can help you decide on a quick repair to avoid further problems. Indeed, some roofs are produced by roof manufacturers to resist multiple storms due to the materials they are composed of– however, these roofs can still suffer wear and tear over time. Another thing is that when you are experiencing an emergency roof problem, it may take a while for roofing contractors to offer you help during frequently occurring poor weather conditions.

Locating a leaking spot on your home’s roof or your business building can be a challenging task but every time you have a leak problem it should be taken as an emergency.

Some roof leak cases can be more urgent than usual, and here is how to find out if your leaking roof is an emergency repair…

#1 Leakage On Your Internal Ceiling(s)

Sometimes an emergency roof leak problem can be seen after a massive rainstorm. You will notice that your roof has a different color that’s out of the ordinary. This should be an indication of a roof leak that must be handled urgently. Why you must treat such a leak as an emergency repair is because when it is ignored, and the rain continues to fall incessantly, the size of that leak will extend and a rapid rush of water will stream into your ceiling. When this happens, the interior underlayment that gives protection to your ceiling will block the flow of water and pond there. More rain will then overwhelm that underlayment and lead to water flowing slowly along several areas of the interior ceiling. The moment the rain is no longer serious or has become lighter, conduct an emergency roof leak repair immediately to avoid further roof leak damage.

#2 Damage And Interruption Of Business Operations

A roof leak is a serious emergency crisis if it suddenly affects daily business operations. No matter how small the leak, as long as it disturbs normal functions that go on in the building, it means it has affected the roof underneath and there may be more leaks so you must consider it an emergency problem.

Also, some noticeably big leaks on the roof can force a building owner to shut down all work functions for days or weeks, depending on the severity of the damage. So, you should know that water gushing down from your ceiling and leaving a significant puddle on the floor is a big roof leak emergency that must not be neglected. During the brief shut down of operations, the affected areas can be repaired as soon as possible to prevent accidents at work or downtime in business as well as loss of properties and important documents.

#3 Damaged Items

Normally, water does not associate well with a lot of devices. So, when there is a roof leak, and it affects big equipment in your home or office, this should be considered an emergency. Whether or not the leak is large or small, water can damage equipment, cause injuries and/or lead to electrical fires.

If you are facing water damage due to a roof leak in your retail shop, warehouse or storage business, roof leaks can ruin your products and inventory. Therefore, roof leaks are emergency problems when your materials and products are at risk of damage.

#4 Fire Hazards And Electric Shock

Whether at home or in business buildings, electrical systems are properties that should be kept in dry areas and must always be in that condition. When a roof leak happens and water creeps in, it becomes deadly. The connection spots might be less protected and may not have coated wires that run the length of the entire building. For example, junction boxes can contain exposed wires which, when in contact with wetness from a roof leak, can become electrically charged. When electricity comes in contact with moisture, it can do the following:

• The entire building will experience lights out
• It throws electrocuting sparks
• It causes a fire
• It can also damage all other electrical appliances in the home or office

Ensure you are aware of such leaks and get to the root of them as quickly as you can. The moment you are having roof leaks and it is affecting your electrical systems, it can be very dangerous if you ignore what is happening. So, go to the main panel, and shut off the power before contacting a roofing contractor and an electrician to look into it. The electrician ensures nothing in the building is compromised, while the roofer fixes the roof leak to stop further electrical damages.

#5 Aggravating Water Damage

Water can easily travel to different sections of the roof like insulation, framing, decking and other materials it meets during its spread. This normally leads to structural damages. The damage can be physically noticed as it is often accompanied by serious signs and continuous roof leaks.

Aggravating water damage can be seen in ceiling joists, decking, trim, rafters, wall frames and more.


Any roof leak should be taken seriously. Always get to the root of all roof problems to avoid fatal hazards by ensuring that your roofing contractor handles the roof leaks once and for all. Arko Exteriors is a Blaine, MN, roofing company that can handle a variety of jobs including emergency roof repairs; Call 763-434-2756 for more information.