Roofs can truly enhance the “curb appeal” of a house. 

Roofs are usually one of the first things that guests or visitors notice when they come to your house. Ideally, you want a roof that looks great and has “the right color” for the house. 

It’s typically very confusing for homeowners to choose the right color for their shingle roof, and they might end up making huge mistakes. Once you have selected the color of the shingles, you won’t be able to change them for several years. If you end up selecting the wrong color(s), this will impact the look of the house. So, it is important that you are selecting the right color for the shingles the first time around.  

Here are some tips to ensure that you’re getting the right color(s) for your roof shingles…

#1 Consider The Roof As Your Canvas: 

The color(s) that you would select for the roof shingles will not just influence the look of the entire house but also express your personality or personal style. The roof takes up at least 40% of the house’s exterior, and thus the appearance of the roof will have a huge visual impact. When you are considering the roof as a canvas, you can easily visualize the color that would best fit the exterior (as well as interior) of the house. Think like an artist thinks! 

#2 Take Into Consideration The Colors Of Other External House Components:

shingle color

Look at your external components of the house such as windows, doors, siding, fencing, and exterior walls, etc. The color you choose for the roof shingles will have a great impact on these components of your house. So, choose the color of the shingles that will enhance the look of these external components.

#3 Be Sure About The Budget Of The Color(s) You Will Be Choosing:

Roofing shingles colors

Different colors have different prices. Select the color of the shingles based on your budget. 

#4 Always Talk With Experts: 

Roofing contractors are quite knowledgeable and have extensive experience in this field. They can provide you with the best advice when it comes to choosing the right color for your shingles, as well as choosing the right roofing material. 


Although the color of your roof is indeed your personal choice, pay careful attention to this choice to ensure that your home looks beautiful and welcoming for years to come. Got questions about shingle colors? Please call Arko Exteriors of Blaine, MN, at 763-434-2756 or use the online contact page, here: