Your roof is a significant investment. Whether you need minor repairs or a full new roof, the contractor you hire will decide the quality of your roof and how effectively it will protect your home in inclement weather.

To qualify for the limited warranty coverage from your shingle manufacturer, proper installation is required, so it’s crucial to get the proper roofer.

What are some roofing-related inquiries to make sure your contractor is a good fit?

Questions to consider for assessing roofing contractors

Questions to consider for assessing roofing contractors

Having a handy list of questions is a good idea when talking with a roofer you might just hire to do work on your place! Here are some questions to consider…

#1 Can you share some past client/customer references?

Reviews with five stars are comforting. Credibility is increased through certifications and accreditations.

How can you improve your chances and make sure your contractor is trustworthy?

Talk one-on-one with a former client. Question them on their experience.

Get the information you require from a third party.

#2 Do you offer roofing insurance?

This is a major issue. Make sure the roofing firm has full roofing coverage, not simply contractor’s insurance. Many businesses may attempt to pass off their contractor’s insurance as full protection, but this is just not the case.

Remember that if a roofing firm doesn’t provide insurance for its workers, they could be able to sue you if one of their team members falls and isn’t insured. If you want to hire them, don’t be hesitant to ask for paperwork from the roofing company’s insurance provider that includes your address. This will demonstrate that they do business morally and have liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

#3 Will the roofing contractor remove the old roof?

#3 Will the roofing contractor remove the old roof

The last thing you want to do is cover up items that really need to be removed. Be careful to remove the old roof before installing the new one.

#4 Will you provide a metal edge on the roof?

An aluminum plate known as edge metal (or drip metal) is positioned behind the last shingle at the edge of the roof. This metal edge enables water runoff to enter gutters. This will guard against water damage to the roof’s fascia as well.

When installing a new roof, a roofer could avoid this procedure if you don’t ask explicitly about edge metal. Ask about this upfront to ensure that the project is completed appropriately and that the roofing contractor includes an aluminum plate.

#5 Will you provide me with written estimates?

Don’t agree to anything that isn’t in writing. Get a written proposal, estimate and/or contract stating all of your agreements. Written estimates must include a breakdown of the project’s overall cost, including materials, labor and any additional costs, as well as a description of the work that will be done.

#6 Does your roofing company offer free roof inspections?

You won’t have to pay to find out what’s wrong with your roof because the majority of roofing professionals give free inspections and quotes. You may certainly locate another contractor if a firm doesn’t provide free inspections.


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