Minnesota’s weather is by no means friendly. The weather is particularly harsh during the winter. There is a frequent drop of temperature below the freezing point. These low temperatures lead to the accumulation of ice in open spaces due to regular snowfall. This intense weather puts a strain on your home, causing a lot of challenges to your roof.

Challenges of Roofing in Minnesota

The harsh winter weather in Minnesota can destroy anything that gets in its way. For this reason, you must ensure that your roof is in good condition at all times. This will help prevent avoidable issues with your roof.

As a homeowner in Minnesota, here are some challenges of roofing you should expect:

1. Icicles

inspection of your roof

The formation of icicles is a result of melting snow running down your roof. As the melted snow descends to your gutters, the typically cold temperature causes the water to freeze again. This results in the forming of icicles. If left unaddressed, icicles can spread to other areas of your roof.

Not only will it damage your roof, but an icicle that breaks off your gutters can also cause a hazard to anyone walking near your house. To avoid icicle formation, you should insulate and ventilate your roof. This is in addition to keeping your gutters free of leaves and other debris.

You can also prevent icicles from forming during the winter months by removing snow and ice from the edges of your roof using a snow rake. Poorly maintained gutters are likely to get clogged, especially in the winter. For this reason, you should get rid of debris from your roof and seal up leaking points. All these suggestions will help prevent icicles from forming.

2. Strong winds

The winter season in Minnesota is characterized by ravaging weather and strong winds. These severe conditions can damage roofs with an already compromised structural integrity. As a result of strong winds, many roofs in Minnesota suffer damaged shingles, peeled back or pulled up shingles.

The wind can also affect aging gutters, ripping them off. Moisture can be driven into the vents of your roof. Once this happens, you are exposing your family and property to unfriendly weather conditions. Additionally, falling branches from plants and trees growing near your house are likely to affect your roof due to the strong winds.

To help minimize the effect of harsh weather conditions, you should check your roof to ensure that it is not vulnerable. Do this before the winter season begins. Although you may not be able to avoid all wind damage, you can minimize the damage by reinforcing all components of your roof. It will keep you prepared for the strong wind that accompanies Minnesota winters.

3. Built-up snow

Snow built-up on roof

There is always a lot of snow in Minnesota during the winter months. If not taken care of, the snow can build up on your roof in massive quantities. The weight of the snow may lead to structural damage and even the partial or complete collapse of your roof.

Large piles of snow can cause cracking and sagging of your roof. If you notice this, have the snow removed and make sure your roof is thoroughly inspected. In the same vein, the freezing temperatures can make your shingled roofs more vulnerable.

Broken or cracked shingles can expose your home to other elements. You should avoid that by repairing any damaged shingles immediately. It will help you avoid uncomfortable and costly repercussions.

4. Leaks and blocked vents

Blocked vents and leaks are offshoot problems of ice dams. Your home’s vents are an important component that help attic air circulate. The build-up of ice, snow and even debris can block the vents. Insulation and ventilation are reduced when the air cannot circulate properly. This results in problems such as unexpected leaks from the excessive wetness of Minnesota’s winters.

Additionally, increased energy cost is also a common sign that your home’s ventilation is poor. You must contact a roofing professional when you notice this. Furthermore, your roof could suffer from water pooling. Water that is not efficiently drained off your roof can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

You must ensure that water that flows off your gutters falls some feet away from the foundation of your home.

These issues are among the roofing challenges that accompany Minnesota weather most especially during the winter. You should get an inspection frequently. It will help you address blocked vents and prevent potential roof leaks.

5. Condensation and pest infestation

Condensation is a common roofing problem in Minnesota. It happens when a cold surface from the exterior comes in contact with the warm air from the inside of your home. If it continues, it will lead to mildew and mold growth. This development can compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

Luckily, you can avoid it with adequate ventilation and sufficient insulation. Furthermore, insects, animals and other outdoor elements can make your attic their home. This is common because of the freezing conditions during Minnesota winters. For these creatures, your home is an easy shelter that protects them against other elements too.

However, having them in your attic is dangerous. The insects can chew on wooden areas of your roof. Their presence can cause further damage to both your roof and the other parts of the property. The best you can do when you notice such a problem is to contact your local exterminators. Once the exterminators have finished their job, it would be advisable to get a professional roofing expert to inspect your roof. If any damage has been caused due to the critters, it can be fixed.


The prominent position of your roof makes it vulnerable to weather elements. It bears the brunt of Minnesota’s winter conditions. Even at that, it should still be able to keep your family and property safe regardless. You must keep an eye on your roof in the months before winter. It will help you prepare better for the winter weather. It is always a good homeowner’s practice to get your roof inspected by professionals and call them immediately if you have any roofing issues during such harsh weather. Locally, hire Arko Exteriors for roof inspections or repairs; Call 763-434-2756 for more information.