Your roof is an essential element of all of your buildings, both commercial and residential. It is responsible for securing the structure of a building and protecting the individuals and materials underneath it from external elements. Many roofing materials are available nowadays, such as asphalt, rubber, metals and others. Roofs themselves are built in a wide range of styles.

Regardless of the type, your roof can last for years with proper maintenance. Although you may not know everything you need to in order to inspect a roof yourself, with professional help, your roof can be evaluated, repaired or even replaced.

Carrying out consistent roofing inspections can also guarantee the longevity of the roof on your home or business, along with its appearance and functionality. 

There are benefits you can enjoy thanks to professional roofing inspections– here are some of them

1. Utilization Of Quality Roofing Materials

 Quality of Roofing Materials

Professional roof inspections pave the way for experts to provide homeowners with superior roofing materials that can guarantee a durable roof replacement, repair or maintenance job. If you try to fix things on your own, you may end up with materials lacking in quality, as many of these materials are found in local hardware stores.

A professional will only use suitable, high-quality materials to ensure that their roof maintenance job lasts for a long period of time. Also, with quality materials during replacement or repair, the risk of recurring problems can be minimized.

2. You Will Not Spend Money For Emergency Roof Repairs

Many homeowners try repairing their damaged roofs by themselves to avoid spending more by hiring a professional. This is certainly not advised, as the problem could escalate, leading to the ultimate necessity of a complete roof replacement– which is a lot more expensive.

If you do not want to spend more to replace a roof, getting an expert roof inspection service can be the best option. Your minor roof problems can be easily taken care of by a roofing professional. Doing this from time to time can further extend the longevity of your roof, therefore preventing an early roof replacement.

3. You Can Easily File An Insurance Claim 

Severe weather conditions like hurricanes, hailstorms, thunderstorms and extreme wind can cause damage to your roofing materials no matter how good the quality is and how properly installed the roof was. Some effects of damage may not show up immediately, making it challenging for you to get reimbursed by your insurance company.

However, with a professional inspection immediately after your roof has encountered any such bad weather conditions, you can easily file an insurance claim. Your hired expert can help you identify the areas of damage and you can go ahead and submit a claim for insurance.

Also, the roofing inspector can attach a detailed report along with your claim, explaining how extensively the damage has affected your roof. An estimated cost of repair can even be drafted and included in the insurance claim.

With this statement, you can confidently present the draft to your insurance company for compensation. If you try to make claims by yourself, it will be difficult to present evidence, as you may lack concrete reasons to support your claim.

4. To Keep You Safe

Homeowners who try to inspect their roofs on their own can have accidents that can be life-threatening. Your roof should be inspected by professionals as they have the knowledge, experience and know-how to get the job done safely.

For example, you may climb the roof without wearing any protective gear, making it easy for you to slip and fall. You could step on a soft area of the roof, causing a bad fall that can leave you hospitalized.

A hired roofing inspector will ensure proper care while evaluating your roof because he or she is an expert at the job and can identify all hazardous spots while avoiding accidents. A roof inspector also climbs the roof fully prepared, wearing protective gear and carrying all the necessary safety tools required for the job.

5. Your Roofing Warranty Will Be Protected

Did you know that most roofing warranties demand homeowners to inspect their roofs once a year? Some warranties stipulate that the warranty stands void due to unauthorized roof alteration, poor installation and/or improper roof maintenance or repair. Hiring a roofing inspector will stop you from facing roof problems that can cause warranty voidance. 

6. Helps In The Early Detection Of Roof Problems

 Early Detection Of Roof Problems

When roof damage occurs, you can have moisture accumulation in your house or place of business. These problems can cause mildew and mold infestation. They can damage walls, ceilings, curtains, paintings and wallpaper. All of these issues can leave you and your family or co-workers in an unhealthy state, and your interior may begin to look shabby. Getting a professional inspection can prevent these roof damage problems from getting more complicated. The inspector can identify all damaged spots, repair the roof and recommend the best solution to getting rid of mold.

7. Your Drainage System Will Be In Order

A bad drainage system can be due to the build-up of dust and debris blocking the gutter, which then restricts proper drainage. It can also lead to stagnant water in the attic, which will cause the roof to wear out in a short period of time. The roof will soon begin to leak. A professional roof inspector can tackle this problem by ensuring your drainage system works as it should.

8. Preparation For Roof Replacement

Many roofing materials have an end-of-service-life suggested by manufacturers, and homeowners know when to expect the expiration of their roofing systems. However, you should replace the roof sooner if it has been affected by environmental factors. Some of these factors may include poor ventilation, excess heat from the sun and extreme wind. Hiring a professional roof inspection service can help you monitor any damage done by any of these environmental factors, and your roof’s true longevity can be determined.


When you hire the service of a professional roof inspector, you make it easy to solve all your roof and roof-related problems. Also, you will enjoy many benefits, such as quality service, proper maintenance and early detection of roof issues. In Minnesota, the most trusted name when it comes to roofing maintenance and repairs is Arko Exteriors. Their roof experts are highly trained and experienced and can offer smart advice after carrying out your roof inspection.