Replacing a commercial roof isn’t cheap. Therefore, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. That said, if there are significant problems, you could lose expensive equipment to water damage, as well as experience excessive downtime… If and when the roof is failing, the problems need to be addressed right away.


If you have water spilling down on your head when it rains, that is an undeniable sign that your rooftop needs some assistance. In most cases, though, water leaks aren’t usually that observable. This is particularly true in commercial buildings where you can’t easily and effectively observe the underside of the rooftop.

Watch for water spots or indications of stains on ceilings. Check your attic. Focus on how your place smells– is it musty?


Something else to keep an eye out for is parching of your rooftop. This is ordinarily identified with water damage. Water trapped inside your roof (usually in the insulation) will exhibit a release of some gases that will produce parching (blistering) of the roof.

Shingle Damage:

If your commercial rooftop has shingles, you’ll need to examine them every so often. Observe any recent developments which include twisting, breaking, or splitting… Likewise, watch for bare or sketchy spots. Greenery development can likewise be a sign that water is getting caught inside.

Rooftop Membrane Damage:

A well known sort of material for business structures is a level rooftop produced using a material film. Likewise, with shingles, you ought to normally review the film for signs of any damage..

Watch out for open or uncovered spots or lifting. These are the two signs that the rooftop was not appropriately installed and water can begin being an issue.

You ought to also look for open overlaps in the layer. This can occur as the material cement ages and turns out to be less proficient; It can also happen on more current rooftops if the insulation wasn’t introduced effectively.

Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Are you seeing signs that your roof is getting to the end of its useful life? Have ARKO inspect it to see whether or not it needs replacing at this time or within the months to come.