When you fail to maintain your roof, it can easily be damaged, and you may no longer feel safe in your own home. Some roofs that have been around for many years can also develop problems as their expiration date draws closer, and replacing such roofs is pertinent.

There are different ways you can fix your damaged roof shingles, and these methods of repair can improve the longevity of your roof. Do not ignore the smallest damaging sign on your roof, as curled or cracked shingles can lead to roof leaks and damage to your structure.

What are some ways to fix damaged roof shingles? Here are some tips

Identify The Damaged Areas That Need Repair

Identify The Damaged Areas

Some roof problems caused by a storm can cause serious noticeable damages to your roof, and therefore identifying such problem areas will be easy. Some damages may be so minimal that you may require professional help to spot them! You can look around your house to check for any sign that may link to roof damage like mold, dampness or stains on the ceiling and walls as a result of roof leaks. Aside from mildew signs or visible watermarks, you can also lookout for signs of pests on your rooftop. Ignoring pests in your attic can lead to serious roof damage that can ruin your building structure(s).

Check your roof for visible dents, shingle blisters, paint peel-offs, paints on eaves and gables of the shingles and damage on the siding(s). You can often spot these signs from the interior of your home, but you may also hire a professional to inspect your roof just to be sure.

Other important signs to look for are cracked shingles, buckled shingles, curled shingles and/or missing shingles. 

Replace Damaged Or Missing Shingles

Repair  Damaged Shingles  (

After you have identified your roof shingle problems, you can replace the roof entirely if it has been severely damaged or is missing due to a heavy storm. To replace damaged roof shingles, you will need to get rid of the old ones before installing new ones. If you are doing this by yourself, be careful not to displace or damage existing roof shingles. 

The best way to get the job done without mistakes is by hiring a professional roofing contractor. They’ll have the right tools and shingles for the job. Typically, bad shingles will need to be gently removed, getting rid of debris and old nails. 

Fix Curled Shingle Edges With Caulking

Homeowners who have had their asphalt shingles for several decades can begin to observe some signs of warping and curling around the corners. If your shingles show this sign, you can delay the damage from progressing by using glue to hold them down until you are ready to replace them. However, to replace a curling shingle edge, slide in a new shingle and ensure that the shingle lays side by side– next to one another. Apply a roofing sealant using a caulking gun, and hold it down with bricks for an entire day. This is so that the sealant can completely dry.


Replacing damaged shingles implies getting rid of old or ruined shingles and replacing them with new ones. You can fix your roof shingles by yourself or get professional help. Whatever choice you make, you must ensure the installation is carried out with precautions, as this will enhance the longevity of the newly replaced shingle(s). Ideally, hire Arko Exteriors to do shingle replacement.