Commercial roofs are quite different from residential roofs. They are specifically developed to shield a larger space or area. Commercial roofs generally have high durability, strength, and efficiency, which, in turn, increases the service life of these roofs. But this does not mean that the health of a commercial roof will not deteriorate over time. If you want your commercial roof to stay strong for a long period of time, then you must keep it well-maintained. Eventually, though, all roofs need replacement.

What are some signs your building needs commercial re-roofing?

#1 Sagging: 


A commercial roof becomes wet during heavy rain, snowfall, and hail storms. This water evaporates only when the roof experiences sunny weather for almost a week continuously. If water is retained in the roof and its underlying area, it will become saggy. Sagging of the roof is the best indicator that indicates there will be water leakage problems. These water leaks slowly start damaging the roof edges, rafters, shingles, flashing, and sheathing. Such situations may lead to severe damages, and you may need to get the whole roof replaced immediately as the safety of the people underneath may get compromised.

If you have a metal commercial roof, then you need to look for signs such as wear and tear off the metal edges, rusting on the surface of the roof, damage to metal sheets, and missing joint fasteners.

#2 Blistering And Bubbles: 

When inspecting a commercial roof, if there are signs of air bubbles, then you must understand that moisture is getting trapped inside the roofing area and destroying the quality of your roof. This problem can affect the entire roofing system. If damages caused by blistering and/or bubbles are beyond repair, then it is time for commercial re-roofing.

#3 The Age Of The Commercial Roof:

It is quite obvious that after a certain age, commercial roofs start losing their working, functional efficiency. Generally, the service life expectancy of commercial roofs is approximately 25 to 30 years, and if you are keeping them well maintained, they will last for 50 years but usually not more than that. After the end of its service life, even if you are making repairs and keeping the roof intact, it won’t work efficiently. Moreover, you would have to undergo expensive and frequent repairs which are ultimately not worthwhile. If your roof is very old, then it is the right time to get your roof replaced.

#4 There Are Missing Shingles:

There Are Missing Shingles

Generally, due to strong winds and storms, 2 or 3 shingles might get blown away. You can easily replace these blown off shingles with new ones. But if the missing shingles can be noticed over the entire roof surface, then you need to take serious measures. Several missing shingles are a sign that the roof is suffering from underlying water leakage problems, mold growth, etc. Get immediate help from professional roofers and get the damaged commercial roof replaced with a new one.

#5 Uncontrolled Growth Of Mold/Mildew:

Due to excessive rain and snow, roofs are unable to get enough sunlight. When this happens, roofs do not become completely dry. The trapped moisture in the corners and under the shingles promotes the growth of mold/mildew. If you notice mold in a certain area of the roof, such as a corner, then you can get it removed and clean the roof surface with a cleaning solution. But if the mold has covered the maximum area of the roof, including the flashing and underlying roof structure, then it is time that you think about commercial re-roofing.


Commercial re-roofing is best done by professional roofing contractors. They will help you in understanding the exact condition of your roof and also provide services to install new roofs when needed. Continuing to use a damaged roof is quite dangerous– not just for the building but also for the people working inside.