A roof may seem to be the most irrelevant thing to consider in your daily routine, but if you spared it a glance once in a while (noticing anything out of the ordinary) it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Sometimes roofs need repairs and/or to be replaced.

Here are 7 interesting facts about roofing…

1-Your location determines the type of roof you have

For instance, clay/ceramic roofs are typically seen in desert and tropical climates, shake roofs are common in the Pacific Northwest and New England, and shingle roofs are typically seen in temperate parts of the world. Certain roofs are naturally suited for areas with intense sunshine, while others work well for areas that receive a lot of snow and ice. Slanted roofs do well in windy areas. High pitched roofs handle precipitation very well. Flat roofs are rarely seen in areas with heavy snow or rain.

2-Flat Roofs are not exactly flat

Flat Roofs aren’t exactly flat! They have a slight incline of 1/4th of a foot to be precise– which you would not even notice standing atop it. That gentle incline, though, is needed to drain water off the roof.

3-Roofs have several layers and components

Unless you’ve watched a rooftop develop, starting from the earliest stage, it might be difficult to think about a rooftop as anything more than just wood and shingles. There are, however, numerous layers of similarly significant segments to a rooftop. For instance, there’s the deck (which underpins the weight), an encasing shield against downpours, and metal flashing(s) to drain water off, along with drip edges and more.

4-Putting one roof over the other won’t ‘cut it fine’

Simply covering one roof with another doesn’t always ‘cut it.’ If there were problems with the initial roof, it’s just like putting a band-aid over a wound. Other problems can occur– such as the extra weight of both roofs causing a cave in, with the structure cracking at the seams. Yikes.

5-Roofs need to circulate air in and out

Roofs have an intricate ventilation system that helps the air flow in order to keep temperatures down and keep moist air out. This system puts some pressure on the wood and shingles and flashing, forcing them to remain upright and strong.

6-Professional Roof Cleaning

Many individuals disregard cleaning their rooftops; Being on a rooftop, for most people, is frightening. Still, it’s a good idea to have roofs cleaned. There are professional rooftop cleaning companies with the tools and expertise to do the job right. For more info, google “Roof Cleaning Institute of America.”

7-A bad roof makes it harder to sell a house

A bad roof weakens the resale value of a house by destabilizing the curb appeal of the home in no uncertain terms. Roof inspectors won’t give a positive evaluation to a house which has a bad/faulty roof.