If you are planning a new roof, you might be excited. Having a new roof is an opportunity to revamp the look of your house completely. The decision to make the right choice can be overwhelming because you will have to live with the roofing system for a long time. Therefore, choosing the right shingle is a big decision. You won’t be facing any shortage as the market provides a wide range of roofing material with different styles, designs, colors, and patterns. The choice of the shingles is generally made based on many decisions.

There are several things that you can consider when selecting a new roof. Although cost and durability would be at the top of the list, you also need to consider the aesthetics and architectural style of the roof shingles. With the right roofing system, you will be able to provide a new look for your home.

The Cost Of The Roof Shingles: A homeowner must have an understanding of the market price of different types of shingles. This information will save you from paying too much for roofing shingles. Moreover, while preparing the budget for roof shingles, you must keep in mind the cost of materials, installation, and labor. You’ll also need to take into account the total square footage that your new shingles will cover. If you have a large roof area to cover, you might consider opting for more affordable materials.

The Slope Of The Roof: Slope refers to the steep angle of the roof. It is measured by representing the height, length, and rise of the roof. Depending on how steep the slope of your roof is, it may not be well suited for heavier roof shingle types, such as slate or clay tiles.

Considering The Weight Limit Of The Structure: Different shingle materials have different weights. Therefore, it is important to know the optimum level of the weight your home structure would be able to support safely. Buildings are designated a “dead load” tolerance, or the weight of the roof structure. If the dead load is exceeded, the structure will not be able to support its own weight.

Keep In Mind The Local Climate: You must be aware of your local climate or weather patterns while choosing the shingles for your roof. Having extreme winds can easily tear lighter shingles right off, whereas heavy snow can add dangerous weight to roofs already weighed down by heavy materials. Moreover, there are roofing materials, such as metal, that have sun-reflective or cooling properties that make them useful in hot climates. Choosing slate and clay shingles would be beneficial as they stand up very well to heat and fire. These are generally available in the coastal areas for their resistance to high winds.

Choosing The Appropriate Color Of The Shingles: You won’t want your roof to clash with the rest of the house. You must choose a roof shingle color that complements the look of the house.

You can find the standard asphalt shingles and slate tiles in earthy and neutral blacks and greys. But if you choose metal, it can be painted in a wide variety of shades.

When browsing roof and siding colors, keep in mind that some homeowner’s associations have rules and regulations on acceptable colors. Check to see if any of these rules apply to your home before choosing a color scheme.

Specific Material Of The Roof Shingles: You can get a large variety of samples of roofing types and materials to choose from. In order to help narrow down your decision, start by deciding what qualities you’re looking for in your new roof. The material you choose must provide strength and it should also be durable. The durability of the material must be considered when you want your roof to stand the test of time. Also, it is essential to consider the materials that are valued for their resilience.


It is essential to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the new shingles for your roof. By considering many factors, you can easily choose your shingles. Start by estimating the amount of materials required and installation costs, and then start planning to give your house a new look with brand new shingles. Hiring a trained and professional roofing contractor is a must. They have extensive experience and will get the work done perfectly within a short span of time.