Roofs have a way of enhancing the external appearance of a residential or commercial structure. Flat roofs are en vogue these days– and they have energy billing advantages that can help you save money.

Houses (and buildings) with flat roofs are often considered futuristic and modern. 

What are some modern flat roof designs that can inspire you in 2022? Here are some of them

Multiple Flat Roofs

One of the most elegant ways of having people admire your flat roof is by having several flat roofs designed to cover different parts of your home. Most individuals look at flat roofs as a utility, but if you get creative with your flat roof, it becomes the center of attention.

Allow your roof contractor to pick out many flat roofs and use each of them in various areas of your home using different heights and shapes. There may be no need to use different colors, but designing your flat roof with height and different shapes can create a very outstanding and beautiful look for your home.

Roof Decks

Roofing your decks with a flat roof can also boost the appearance of your home. You may want to extend the garden area using a flat roof. If you have a large outdoor space for your deck building, the best roof to bring out more elegance is a flat roof.

Using a pitched roof will not work well in a large space, so flat roofs can make it more fun and your outdoor living space will have a more complete feel. The space will be well managed, and the roof just seems to add a little extra uniqueness to your space.

Also, if your home is not so large and is designed with a one-story extension, you can turn your flat roof into a decking area. You can have access to your roof from the ground floor. It looks elegant when you view this extended flat roof design from the ground.

Flat Roof Home Designs Using Glass Walls

Flat Roof Home Designs with Glass Walls

This is one of the most modern flat roofing designs that will bring your home to the standard you want in 2022. With walls made of glass, often designed with planters, the flat roofing design can be matched with beautiful decks, tiny rooftop gardens and a beautiful glass railing.

Ultra-Modern Flat Roof Design With Center Courtyard

This flat roofing design is one of the most unique roof stylings that can make your home appear different from nearly all residential homes in the area.

You can simply enjoy a courtyard view from a modern space. Spice things up by adding a fishpond, plants & trees, installing many pieces of glass all-around a customized staircase designed with metals, etc. 

The flat roof is very sophisticated when designed with this unique center courtyard as it allows you to enjoy a sky bridge that looks beyond the courtyard and links the main home and garage together.

All modern flat home roofing designs can open you up to brilliant ideas that are also creative in a way that beats several roofing designs that you may hardly see anywhere else! 

Flat Roof Designs With Modern Gray Built-in Concrete

Using gray built-in concrete stonewalls, a pipe staircase or balcony and gray wood sidings can really make your place look great! 

Also adding a giant floor-to-ceiling window frame especially in the shade of black can help your flat roof modern design look more prominent.

Also, a flat roof looks great with a large driveway beneath it. You can build this section in a rectangular section near the grass so that your home will look as though it were surrounded by solid walls with stylish flat roofs and gates.

Medium Size Flat Roof Modern Designs

This flat roof home design features many outdoor spaces, and it works well for a mid-size house of about 2,500 square feet in size. Several modern homes are built around familiar outdoor and indoor designs, but you can add a little more uniqueness with your flat roofing.

You can include smoothly coated sidings to enhance the roof, gray door frames and huge windows. Also, you will enjoy extensive warmth by adding a porch and soft lighting to accentuate your beautiful home. Since the house is not so large, your flat roof will make it look glamorous from afar.

Large Flat Roof House Designs

Flat Roof House Designs

Large flat roof modern designs can feature many levels of design(s) in a wide area or space. This means that large homes require a lot more decorative ideas to help them stand out.

You can build a rooftop deck on a corner of your flat roof; Add several other designs like railings, balconies and staircases to utilize a large part of your home space.

You can be creative with designing the flat roof by featuring different earthy and warm colors. Also, black frame windows, brown tiles, stucco mix, and gray concrete can boost the appearance of any large modern home, especially if it’s placed in a secluded area.


Any home with a flat roof can be misunderstood for being too utilitarian, but with modern home designs, flat roofs are precious to behold as they set the home to a unique standard that cannot be seen with many other roof styles.

You can spice up your flat roofing with several ideas that will help accentuate your home to the standard that suits you in 2022. Also, it is important to get creative with your roofing– a professional can help you do this. 

The shapes, heights and colors of your flat roofs can do a lot in making your beautiful modern home attractive. Contact your roofing contractor the moment you are ready– Arko Exteriors of Minnesota can help you figure out all you need to know about flat roofs!