In Minnesota, hailstorms can deliver hail the size of balls! A certified Roofing Inspector in Minnesota can answer any worries you have about your hail damage in MN or the damage guarantee process.

Even if your rooftop isn’t leaking it doesn’t mean you don’t have rooftop shingle harm. After some time these breaks can prompt rooftop leaks and different issues. Moreover, a leaking rooftop is just one of the damage factors. Your shingles may have lifted off, twisted, or capsized altogether.


Absent or Torn Shingles – have you noticed that a portion of your shingles have become removed or disappeared? If so, at that point your rooftop isn’t carrying out its responsibility, which is to offer total and complete protection from the weather. In the event that a shingle is missing, at that point your rooftop structure turns out to be increasingly vulnerable to water harm, rooftop breaks, form problems, and collapse. It is ideal to replace any missing shingles or fix broken shingles as quickly as time permits to keep the issue from spreading.

Shingle Wear and Tear – another basic reason for rooftop repairs is because of shingles breaking down after some time. This is frequently brought about by ordinary wear and tear because of the climate challenges in Minnesota. Downpours can bring about water damage and decay… and the sun’s rays can likewise make the shingles fall apart after some time.

Flashing Deterioration – Without great, tight flashing around your fireplace chimneys, vents, and different areas of your rooftop, water can undoubtedly enter your home. Flashing issues can usually be fixed by replacing the roofing material around these structures.


There are various reasons why a rooftop may require replacement. Typically, though, Minnesota’s harsh storms are the main reason. Over time, they can do a lot of damage. Here are the most widely recognized kinds of rooftop harm in the Twin Cities, MN:

Sun Damage – Just like the sun can cause skin damage, it can also mess up your rooftop. The warmth and bright beams can make roofing materials crumble after some time, particularly on the sides facing West or South.

Downpour Damage – Minnesota rainstorms and downpours can lead to water getting underneath your rooftop shingles, shakes, or other roofing materials, and, thus, weakening the overall structure.