As a property owner, the thought of taking care of your rooftop can be quite daunting. Ideally, though, you want to help guarantee it lasts its normal lifespan thanks to the correct amount of care and upkeep. Therefore, it makes sense for a professional to inspect it every year or so, and repair it as needed. What are some specific ways roof maintenance can protect your home over the years?

Completely Inspect Shingles Each Season

Each season brings with it certain kind of weather conditions. From sunny hot summers to cold snowy winters, there are all sorts of conditions that affect the roof, including rain, wind, ice and snow. It’s a smart idea to completely inspect your shingles and other roofing materials every single season to see how they’re doing…

Take a look at the shingles for indications of unusual wear or harm, trying to take note of any that are absent and should be replaced. Check the caulk around pipes. Note any areas that have greenery or lichen, as that demonstrates the potential for material rot underneath those shingles. Address any issues you discover immediately so you don’t have major problems later on.

Treat for Moss, Lichen, and Algae Annually

Permitting greenery (moss/algae) and lichen to develop on your rooftop can encourage broad damage and a general lackluster appearance. These growths frequently occur in shady regions of your rooftop during hot months. You can ultimately flush out these developments by having your rooftop cleaned by an expert. When your rooftop is spotless and dry, you can apply safeguard protection containing zinc and copper that will keep the green growth from coming back.

Clean and Maintain the Gutters

Your gutters help secure your rooftop by allowing water and trash to flow away from your rooftop and home perimeter. To guarantee your gutter canals can carry out their responsibility effectively, you should keep them free from leaves, sticks, and other flotsam and jetsam. If you don’t have trees near your home, clean your gutters twice per year to keeps water flowing appropriately. In the event that you do have trees on your property, cleaning your gutters on a quarterly basis to keep them working well.

Get rid of Leaves and Debris From Your Roof on a Regular Basis

Anytime you’ve got leaves, debris or random trash on your roof, you should clean it off/get rid of it all! This will help prevent things from growing on your roof, and will also help keep your gutters and drains clear, especially during storms when you need them to work properly. Check your roof periodically for anything on it that “shouldn’t be there,” and remove stuff as needed.