Roofs are an essential component of every house. They protect the house (and the people in it) from all sorts of harsh weather. With every season, roofs battle all sorts of things, from hail storms to snowstorms and then some… What about the summer? How can you care for your roof this summer?

Here are some expert tips that you can follow to take care of your roof this summer…

#1 Clean The Roof By Removing Debris:

Your roof could be covered with dust, dirt, dried leaves, branches, twigs, etc. During rainfall, all that debris could flow into the gutters. Debris can block normal water flow and lead to clogging which could then lead to water finding its way into the house! Meanwhile, pressure exerted by the debris will keep increasing over time and this will damage the gutters beyond repair.

What if debris remains on the roof surface? Due to rainwater, the debris will absorb moisture and stick to the surface of the roof. The “stuck” debris will disrupt the quality of your shingles and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. These things are the greatest enemies of a roof. If you do not clean the mold/mildew, it will cover the entire roof within no time.

#2 Trim Long And Heavy Branches Of Trees Surrounding The Roof:

During high winds, the branches of nearby trees can break and fall on the roof.

Tree branches can cause severe damage. Therefore, it’s better to trim the long branches of such trees in order to protect the roof. Summertime is a good time to trim trees.

#3 Check For The Presence Of Mold/Mildew On The Roof:

tips to care for your roof

If you observe that your roof is covered with mold/mildew, you must not delay in taking action. The mold and mildew will damage your shingles and increase moisture content inside your roof. Mold is harmful to the shingles and roof underlayment! The wood will rot and cause water leaks in the house. If you ignore the issue for a long time, it could be the reason for your roof sagging and collapsing.

To remove moss and mildew from the roof, use high-quality chemical solutions. Spray chemicals along with water to get rid of the mold– and if you don’t think you know how to do so, hire professionals to do the job safely and effectively.

#4 Check The Condition Of The Gutters:

regular roof inspections

If you come across a loose or damaged gutter, replace it as soon as possible. Loose and damaged gutters will not serve their purpose. They will leak water into the house walls and ceiling. If gutters are dirty and clogged, they need to be cleaned out, getting rid of debris. If you had ice dams this past winter, you probably have clogged gutters!

#5 Schedule Regular Roof Inspections And Hire Professionals:

With regular roof inspections and maintenance, you get to know the actual condition of your roof. If there are severe issues, professionals can resolve them immediately. This is better than just looking up at the roof on your own and wondering if everything’s fine.

Since you are probably not an expert, you should hire professionals. They are highly skilled and have the knowledge and tools to perform roof inspections and maintenance.


If you are unable to take care of your roof on your own, you can get help from professional roofing contractors. They have the required skills, expertise and experience to handle roof inspections and maintenance. Arko Exteriors can check your roof this summer for any issues. For more information, please call Arko Exteriors of Blaine, MN, at 763-434-2756.