The lifetime of a roof is dependent on the quality of material being used, the perfection in its installation, and the frequency of its maintenance. All the different types of roofing materials that can be used are susceptible to damage during extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, snow and hail storms.

If intense storms damage your roof, you would need prompt emergency roofing services in order to protect the roof from further damage. Immediate action is essential because the damaged roof can directly impact the stability of the entire building structure. Expert roofing contractors also suggest getting in touch with roofing repair companies.

Let’s discuss some of the emergency roofing repair steps you need to take to stop further damage to the roof.

Roofing Inspection: 

Once weather conditions have improved, you can hire roofing inspectors or roofing contractors to perform an inspection of the roof that’s damaged due to extreme weather/storms. The initial inspection of the roof will help you to figure out the severity of the damage and decide the immediate action that needs to be taken.

Cleaning The Entire Roof: 

You need to remove all the leaves, branch cuttings, small stones, and dirt. Leaves and branch cuttings can trap the flow of water which in turn will retain moisture. This trapped moisture can corrode the roof and decompose the wood underneath it.

Control The Water Infiltration: 

You need to remove the excess clogged water from the roof before it starts seeping in the house and causes damage to the internal structure. It can become a serious source of structural damage. Examine the entire roof and drain out the stagnant water from puddles that have been left unattended.

Fixing The Leaks: 

You can make use of small rubber patches, sealants, duct tape or tarps to fix the source of leakage. This solution will give you enough time to stop the leaks until the professional roofers repair the damage in an effective way.

Cleaning Up The Drains And Gutters:

Clogged gutter and drains can cause huge damage to the roof as they do not allow the water to flow in the right way. This clogged water can directly cause damage to the internal structure of the house and ruin the paint as well. Besides this, there is a threat of mold, mildew, and rotting. Professional roofing contractors will get the clogged gutters cleaned within no time and help to restore damaged pipes and vents.

Make Use Of Reflective Roof Coating To Protect The Roof From Further Damage:

If your home’s roof has not undergone massive damage and just has minor leaks then it would be the right time to protect the roof with a high-quality reflective coating. With the help of reflective coating, you can extend the life of the roof for 10 years. Coatings are cost-effective and help homeowners save a lot on electric bills.


Emergency roofing repair will help you avoid further damage to your house after a storm or major event. Moreover, repairs give you enough time until professional roofing contractors begin their work in order to make full repairs and/or replacements as needed.