Historic homes are very special. Owners need to maintain the beauty of their historic homes; They need to be preserved for a long time. Typically, people living in historic homes have to get them renovated to enhance the functionality of the structure and various components. They want to maintain the charm while making some modern updates to keep up with the times.

If you own a historic home, then you would know the significance of the roof in such homes. Roofs of historic homes have specific architectural significance, and add character to the entire house. You can’t just choose any roof for historic homes. You have to be very meticulous so that the roof does not destroy the look of the house. When you are renovating the roof or re-roofing the roofs of historic homes, then it is quite essential that you choose the right roofing material.

How do you choose the right roofing material for a historic house?

#1 Hire An Expert

You might have several roofing contractors or experts near you, but you shouldn’t just hire one randomly. If you have a historic home, you should hire an expert who knows all about historic homes. They should have the expertise and qualifications to handle your particular project. Ask questions and check references to ensure you’re working with someone who legitimately works on older homes and does a fine job.

#2 Conduct A Roof Inspection

roof inspection

A roof inspection is quite essential and must be performed by expert roofing contractors who have the knowledge and tools needed to assess older roofs. With the inspection of the roof of a historic home, you should be able to determine the actual condition of the roof, the repair work that is needed, and/or whether the entire roof needs to be replaced with a new one.

#3 Do Some Research

Once the assessment and inspection are done, the next step would be to conduct deep research with the help of architects and historians. Through this research, you should be able to know about the specification of the original house plans. The process includes getting pictures and arranging files and important documents. This information will help you choose the right roofing material. It will also help you finalize the design that will suit the roof of your historic home. Most often, the roofing contractor will follow up with the original building plan and use the same material, but give it a contemporary touch to make the roof look its best in today’s world.

#5 Consider The Architectural Style Of The Roof

There are several types of architectural designs that were commonly used to design roofs for historic homes. For instance, there are Neoclassical (1895 – 1950), Richardson Romanesque (1880 – 1900), Queen Anne (1880 – 1910), and many more types. If you are going for an entire roof reconstruction then you can choose a roofing style which will help recreate the look of your historic home, fitting well with its design style.

#6 Choose The Right Material(s)

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For historic homes, there are several different types of roofing materials available. Based on research and consultations with architects/historians/roofers, you can choose the best material(s) for your historic home. The roofing material should not just look great, but also be durable and have a long average service life.


Historic homes are very significant, and owners should want to keep them looking their best over the years. Eventually older homes may need roof repairs or a roof replacement. In order to maintain “the look” and charm and character of a historic home, the roof material(s) need to work well with the overall look. They also need to be durable and long-lasting, so they can cover the house and people inside, protecting them from the elements for years to come.