Sometimes roofs need repairs. Other times, they need replacing! What are 3 situations where you must replace your roof instead of repairing it? Here are some important warning signs that indicate you need to get the roof replaced instead of repaired

#1 The Deteriorating Condition Of The Shingles:

The Deteriorating Condition Of The Shingles

When getting the roof inspected, if the inspectors come across sev eral missing shingles, damaged shingles, curled up/cracked/broken shingles, or blisters on shingles, then this indicates it is time for roof replacement and not repair. These conditions of the shingles indicate that, along with the top surface, the underlying area of the roof is also being damaged. If you are not paying attention to the conditions of the shingles then this problem can lead to water leak issues and cause damage to the gutters and entire roofing system.

When the shingles are damaged they will not be able to work efficiently and provide protection to the house. The water that gets collected due to rainfall or snow starts dripping from the gutters and seeps into the interior of the house. This will become a serious issue for the structural integrity of the house. So, it is better to get the entire roof replaced rather than making small repairs.

#2 Condition Of The Attic Is Not Up To Par:

Condition Of The Attic Is Not Up To Par

If you are conducting an inspection of your attic and you notice light coming from the attic, it means that the roof has developed huge cracks or holes which cannot easily be fixed. The presence of a crack in the roof also means that the roof ventilation will not be operating at high efficiency. Heat that is escaping from the attic will get trapped inside the cracks of the roof and retain the moisture. This, in turn, will destroy the functional efficiency of the roof and damage the flashing region as well as the shingles. In such a situation, you need to get the roof replaced and not just carry out repair work.

#3 Consider The Age Factor:

The most important thing that you need to consider is the age of the roof. Every roof comes with an average service life which is usually about 30 to 35 years. It varies from material to material. When the roof is nearing the end of its service life, it will no longer be working efficiently. Basically, after a certain age, it’s time for replacement.


Given a choice, most people would rather pay for a few small repairs to the roof than to have to replace it entirely. That said, there comes a time when a roof is no longer doing well– its functional efficiency is finished. Eventually a roof needs to be replaced. In Blaine, MN, and surrounding communities, Arko Companies handles roof replacements. Call Arko at 763-434-2756 for more information.