Do you own or manage a commercial building in Minnesota? When’s the last time your roof was professionally inspected? For some people, it has been quite a while. Who knows what winter and storms have done to the roof? It makes sense to schedule a professional commercial roof inspection every couple months to check and make sure everything is “aok up there.” Repairs can be done before damages get out of hand. And, if the roof needs replacing, it’s best to know this before there’s a problem such as a collapse.

What are some of the reasons you should get a professional commercial roof inspection?

#1 Professional Commercial Roof Inspection Helps Increase The Service Life Of The Roof:

Professional Commercial Roof Inspection Helps Increase The Service Life Of The Roof

Generally, the average service life of a commercial roof is approximately 50 to 60 years. But, if you are taking proper care of a commercial roof, it can last for a longer period. In order to ensure good care of your commercial roof, you need to get it regularly inspected and maintained. With regular inspection and maintenance, you should be able to increase the effectiveness and functional efficiency of the roofing system. Hiring professional roofing contractors will make the process hassle-free because they have the required skills and expertise to complete the needed maintenance work.

#2 Commercial Roof Inspection Helps In Preventing Early Roof Replacement:

Commercial Roof Inspection Helps In Preventing Early Roof Replacement

Although roofs are designed with complete sturdiness, harsh weather can take a toll on the effectiveness and efficiency of roofs. There might be leaks, missing or broken shingles, issues with the roof vent(s), and/or flashing. If you keep ignoring these issues and conditions, then these problems could lead to a sudden collapse of the roof. Ideally, you don’t want to have to get the roof replaced before it reaches the natural end of its intended service life.

#3 Roof Inspection Will Prevent Frequent Repairs:

When you are getting your roof regularly inspected, professionals will get to know the critical issues with the particular roof. They can carry out minor repair work before problems get out of hand and lead to more severe damages or the need for more expensive repairs. So, getting a professional commercial roof inspection can actually save a lot of money by preventing frequent roof repair work.

#4 A Professional Commercial Roof Inspection Will Help You In Claiming And Simplifying The Insurance Process:

Usually commercial buildings have insurance that helps them cover the expenses of any roof repair work required after severe damage caused by harsh weather conditions. In these situations, when roofs are damaged severely, you can get them inspected by professional commercial roofing contractors and get an entire detailed report ready to submit to prove the insurance claim. A professionally prepared roof report will get the due credit and proper compensation to repair the roof(s) and get their original efficiency back.

#5 Professional Commercial Roofing Inspection Can Assist In The Detection Of Hidden Problems:

Do you think it is possible for you to climb up to the roof of a commercial building and check for any damages? Even if you manage to climb up there, you don’t have the knowledge or training to identify underlying roof problems. Thus you need to hire professional commercial roofing contractors to inspect the condition of the roof thoroughly and check if there are any hidden issues. If any issues are found, then these problems can be detected in the early stages and fixed without incurring expensive repairs.

#6 Professional Commercial Roofing Inspections Can Prevent Potential Hazards:

Roofs with issues can get weaker day by day if they’re ignored. Don’t put off getting a roof inspected until it’s too late and something hazardous happens. Imagine if the roof collapses and hurts people inside the building– that would be terrible.


Professional commercial roofing contractors are quite experienced in conducting roofing inspections and they also have the expertise to handle repair work. To truly know the actual condition of your commercial roof, get it properly inspected. Call Arko Companies of Blaine, MN, at 763-434-2756 and ask to schedule a professional commercial roof inspection.