Do you hear a constant dripping sound? It is probably the sound coming from damaged gutters. You might also wonder about the huge water pool forming every time it rains. The reason could be your gutter system isn’t working well.

Generally, home gutters are designed to deal with seasonal weather changes and, ultimately, support the roofing system. If you have installed a galvanized steel or aluminum gutter, then it has a service life of about 20 years whereas if you have a copper gutter then the average service life would be more than 30 years.

Basically, a homeowner should have an idea of when the gutters were installed so that when the average service life approaches 10 years, they need to think about getting gutters replaced. If you are not sure about the age of the gutter system, then look for signs that help you to know that you need to replace your gutters.

When is an ideal time to replace gutters?

#1 You Spot Cracks: When you inspect the gutters and observe rust, holes, or cracks you must not think of repairing them. Just get them replaced. You might think that the cracks and holes could be fixed with sealant, but that’s just a temporary fix. Instead, get your gutter system replaced.

#2 You See Broken Fasteners Everywhere: Fasteners are the metal pieces that hold the gutter and keep it intact with the roof. If one or two fasteners are broken, you can get them repaired. If the problem persists, there might be a bigger problem with the gutter and not the fasteners.

#3 It’s Sagging Or Improperly-Pitched: A gutter’s main function is to drain all collected water from the roof to the ground. With a sagging gutter, this is not possible. A proper pitch is to be maintained if you do not want the water to just pool around and spill all over the place creating a mess. A sagging problem can be resolved completely. Consider replacing your gutters if the problem persists, even after repairs.

#4 The Gutter System Is Unable To Handle Stress At The Seams: The gutter system becomes vulnerable at the seams (where the two horizontal sections of the gutter meet). If you see that there is a continuous water leak through the seam, then it might lead to various other problems causing damage to the interior as well as the exterior part of the house. If you see a similar problem all along the gutter line, then it is time to replace the gutter system.

#5 Peeling Paint: The paint of the gutter system peels because it has been ruined by the malfunctioning of the gutter system. To be certain about this, you can even check your house siding. If the paint has bubbled up and/or peeled away from exterior siding, it means that there is a major issue with the gutter. The peeling of paint is due to excessive moisture. This excessive moisture around the gutter system is due to heavy leakage.

If you observe that the peeling paint extends beyond one small area, think seriously about gutter replacement, not repair.


Gutters are an integral part of the roofing system. Any delay in the replacement of bad gutters can lead to problems. Don’t allow your home to be vulnerable to serious water damage. If something’s not right with your gutters, it’s time to have them replaced by professionals from Arko.