As winter is approaching, don’t forget your roof! As an integral part of the house, a roof is designed to be strong and durable. If you don’t maintain your roof, however, then its quality can deteriorate within a short span of time.

Winter is the season that can definitely cause extra wear and tear on the roof. Taking care of your roof and keeping it in good shape helps ensure that it will keep your house warm during the winter.

What are some important tips to keep your roof protected during winter? 

#1 Trim Tree Branches:

People like to have trees around the house to enhance the look of it, right? Having trees around means you are giving nature’s touch to your house, which would give natural shade to the lawn or garden area. During harsh weather, though, the branches of trees could break due to the weight of the snow and fall on the roof and damage it. Smaller branches can scratch out the surface of the roof and create cracks or holes. Ideally, trim tree branches so that they do not cause any damage to the roofing system of your house. You can always hire professionals to safely and efficiently cut wayward branches off your trees which are too close to the house.

#2 Repair Missing, Cracked, Or Broken Shingles: 

Before the onset of the winter, you should inspect the roof and observe whether or not there are missing or broken shingles. If yes, then call Arko Exteriors and get your shingles repaired. If you delay repairs, winter’s snow and ice could damage the underlying area of the roof and lead to water leakage.

#3 Remove All The Debris From The Roof And Clean It:

If you have not checked your roof during the last few months then there could be all types of debris covering the entire surface of the roof– small dried leaves, bird droppings, composite piles, trash, twigs, and other stuff, for example. If not cleaned, then debris might end up causing extensive damage to your roofing system. Unattended debris can also lead to damaging mildew growth. It can also cause holes through which water or animals can enter your home. Cleaning your roof would ensure that all the debris is removed and give the roof a beautiful look.

#4 Check The Flashing Of The Roof:

Generally, the area along the flashing is one of the most vulnerable areas for leaks to occur. You can hire professionals who will inspect this area of your roof and ensure that it is completely sealed so water leakage does not occur.

#5 Get The Gutter System Cleaned:

The debris from the roof generally gets collected in the gutters. If this debris is not removed regularly, it can get clogged and block the free flow of water. A stagnant pool of water damages the gutter and after a while it would most likely start seeping into the interior parts of the house. Moreover, water accumulating in the gutter can overflow and damage the foundation of your home. During winter, the problem could be serious as it could lead to the formation of ice dams. If all these things are not fixed before the winter, the gutters could collapse under the weight of uncleaned debris, snow, or ice dams.


You might be keeping your roof in excellent shape year-round. But taking care of it before and during winter is essential. The roof can get seriously damaged between the snow and freezing temperatures– this is when your roof will take the biggest hit. You must take the time to properly safeguard it as best as possible.