Roofs are one of the most integral parts of a house. They help keep your house and family safe. If you want to ensure the safety of your house and family, you should regularly get your roof inspected. A team of professional roofing contractors can inspect the roof and warn you of any sort of damage they find. They can also tell you if mold growth is visible. They will likely suggest you get the damage(s) repaired and mold removed immediately before the problem aggravates. You don’t want mold to damage the structural integrity of the roof and shorten its service life.

Here are some ways in which you can remove mold from the roof.

#1 You Should Know How To Identify Mold:

Generally, mold has a wide range of colors… sometimes it’s green or brown or even black. Mold will grow in the damp or moist part of the roof– typically in/around the attic area. From the attic area it will start spreading to different spaces and will eventually cover the entire roof if not removed. Sometimes mold is also accompanied by algae as well so be careful while inspecting what’s growing on your roof or in your attic. You might lose control and slip from the roof if you step on algae. Mold also grows on shingles and covers them up within a few days.

#2 Cleaning/Removing Mold From The Roof:

CleaningRemoving Mold From The Roof

If you think that just spraying water on the mold will remove it, you are mistaken. You need a proper cleaning solution that is strong enough to stop the growth of mold and then remove it completely. The cleaning solution for mold is typically for sale in stores. You typically need to mix the solution in water and then make use of a hose to spray water on the affected roof areas. You need to ensure that the solution completely soaks into the mold for at least 1 or 2 hours. Then you can wash out the solution by spraying water with force. This will ensure that the mold gets removed.

#3 Preventing The Growth Of Mold:

Preventing The Growth Of Mold

Just removing mold regularly is not enough to keep your roof and house safe. You must also prevent the growth of mold. For that you should trim all nearby tree branches, and do not allow rainwater or melted snow to get blocked on the roof surface.

If you think that mold has spread across the roof and covered its entire area, call professional roofing contractors or mold remediation contractors. They will inspect the entire roof and attic area and assess the situation. Roofing professionals, like the ones at Arko, have the right cleaning techniques and equipment (as well as training) to remove mold.


You might think that you can fix the problem of mold growth on your own, but if you notice that mold has gotten out of control, then it’s best to get help from professionals who can eliminate the mold and use techniques that will prevent further growth! They have advanced cleaning solutions and equipment so you don’t have to try and do the dirty job on your own.