A roof is the most essential part of the house because it provides protection for the people and things inside from all sorts of exterior conditions, including rain and snow. Roofs are designed to withstand weather, and they should last a long time. But, eventually, there comes a time when a roof needs to be replaced. And if you’re the person who has to make that decision, you might wonder what kind of materials are best for your new roof. What are some of the things a person should consider when picking out roof materials?

#1 Consider Durability:

When you’re choosing roofing materials, you ideally want to choose materials that are durable and long-lasting. What kind of materials make sense for your local climate and weather conditions? Some people choose slate roofs, while others go with metal. Some choose natural stone while others go with clay. Most people, of course, choose asphalt. Of all of these materials, metal (steel/aluminum) is probably the most durable. Besides durability, though, you have to think, “What’s practical for our area? What kind of roofs do most of the neighbors have?”

#2 Consider Cost:

Consider Cost

What’s your budget? Most people choose roofing materials based on their budget. Cheaper solutions aren’t usually good quality, so they should be avoided. Ideally, you want materials that are affordable and don’t compromise quality.

#3 Consider The Installation Factor For The Roofing Material:

The weight of the roofing material is something that shouldn’t be ignored. The heavier the material, the more complex it is to install. Asphalt shingles, wood, and clay are considered easy to install. If you are choosing natural slate or metal, those can be harder to install. Make sure you’re hiring professional roofers to install roofing materials rather than trying to do the work yourself.

#4 Consider The Structural Design Of The House:

Consider The Structural Design Of The House

The architectural design of the house plays an important role in finalizing roofing material choices. Not all roofing material suits the appearance of all houses. For instance, if your home is fairly old or it is a historic home, then you need to pick a roofing material that will fit the traditional, older architectural style. In the case of historic homes, for instance, wood shingles are the apt choice. For proper guidance, you can consult an architect and get suggestions from them before you finalize the roofing material.

#5 Consider The Climate Of The Residential Area:

If you are living in a residential area that is prone to fire hazards then you should not opt for wood as a roofing material as it is quick to catch fire. Take into consideration the climate of your residential area when choosing roofing materials. Obviously, you’d want materials that can handle the climate well.


There are several things to take into consideration when choosing roofing materials. If you’re not too sure what to choose/use, you can always call Arko Companies to discuss your roofing needs and plans. Arko Companies handles roofing in Blaine, MN, and surrounding areas. Call Arko at 763-434-2756 for more information.