Whenever you look at a house, the first thing you most likely notice is its roof. Do you think anyone visiting you would ever prefer the look of a dull, unattended, and ugly roof? Certainly not! So it is essential to keep your roof well-maintained. Sometimes the roof has aged so much that even maintenance does not have any impact. When this is the case, it is always beneficial to install new shingles.

There are several ways in which new shingles can impact the value of your home…

#1 Shingle Roof Installation Helps In Enhancing The Curb Appeal Of The House:

Shingle Roof Installation Helps In Enhancing The Curb Appeal Of The House

Want to improve the curb appeal of your house? You can get roof shingles of different materials — asphalt, wood shingles, metal, slate tile shingles, composite plastic shingles, etc. You can choose any of these roofing shingles that match the aesthetics of your house. After shingle roof installation, you should notice that the curb appeal of your house has increased. Shingles are not just available in different types, but they also have different designs and colors. Isn’t it time you improved the look of your house, which helps increase its value?

#2 Shingle Roof Installation Will Help Save Energy:

With time, the functional efficiency of a roof starts to go down and the roof is not able to fulfill all the functions for which it was designed. This deterioration creates a huge impact on insulating the house. You might notice an increase in the consumption of energy, which is reflected in the monthly utility bills. When you opt for shingle roof installation, you should see the difference. The shingle roof will help in decreasing the amount of heat that is absorbed and ensure that the temperature inside the house is maintained. In summer, the house should remain cool, and in winter, it would be warm. This, in turn, means that energy consumption and utility bills are reduced!

#3 Shingle Roof Installation Will Help You Sell Your House For More Money:

If you are planning on selling your house within the next year, then installing new shingles would be helpful. You should be able to increase the market value of your house by doing so… Buyers will feel relieved that they don’t have to “worry” about the roof for the next few years since the shingles are new.

#4 Shingle Roof Installation Increases The Level Of Protection:

Shingle Roof Installation Increases The Level Of Protection

When you install new shingles on the roof, this will enhance the durability, strength, and working efficiency of the roof. Moreover, it will also contribute to increasing the service life of the roof. You are not only increasing the protection level of the house but also the durability of the roof.

#5 You Have Access To The Warranty:

The warranty period of standard shingles is about 10 to 15 years. So, whenever you are experiencing any damage or repair issues, you can get work done without bearing any additional financial cost for the duration of the warranty period.


If you are selling your house, buyers would be willing to pay more for one with a new shingle roof. Having new shingles means you invested in something very important– the roof that covers the people inside the house, and keeps them safe from all sorts of harm. Professional roofing contractors should install shingle roofs– they have the tools and expertise to help improve the curb appeal of your house while also increasing its value with nice, new shingles.