Who doesn’t want their house to look its best? People decorate a house by hiring interior decorators and they do the best they can. But what about when it comes to enhancing exterior beauty? The two most important things that enhance the beauty of the house are its roof and siding. Siding is the very first thing that can contribute to boosting the curb appeal of your home. But how?

It’s simple– you just need to pick the right color siding to make it look “the best.” The color you choose for your siding can freshen up your home’s exterior and make visitors admire it. Choosing the right color for your siding can be really overwhelming. Your slightest mistake could make everything go wrong. It is not at all like painting a room, which you can change with different colors if you don’t like it. Changing the color of the siding is quite difficult and involved. So, what are some tips that will help you in selecting the right siding color? Read on…

#1 Consider Your Neighborhood: 

Just drive along the streets of your neighborhood and pay attention to the different colors that are used by people for their siding. You should give more preference to houses that are similar to your house. Most often, you’d like to go for your own color preference, but having a glance at different houses will definitely broaden your ideas of what’s best for your place. For instance, if most of the houses in your neighborhood have opted for eclectic color variations then you can consider more colorful options for your siding.

#2 Building New Or Upgrading Your Existing Home Siding: 

If you are not building a new house and just getting siding upgraded, you should choose colors that complement the home’s existing features. But, if you are building a new home, then you can try out different color schemes for your siding. This will help you increase the curb appeal of the house. Experts recommend that before choosing a color you should focus on the siding profile– whether you want it in a vertical or horizontal configuration. Generally, people opt for a horizontal siding profile, but you can go for vertical siding with a sleek finish to make your house stand out from others.

#3 Pay Attention To The Color Of The Roof:

The roof’s color is another important factor that you should consider when choosing a color for your siding. If your roof has a darker shade, then you should choose a lighter shade for the siding. Both the roof and siding should complement each other and enhance the overall curb appeal of your house. A more muted, neutral roof hue, on the other hand, can allow more choices when it comes to exterior color schemes.

#4 Your Area’s Weather:

Different siding colors would have different looks on a sunny day versus a cloudy day. You should imagine the stark difference of how a color looks depending on the weather. The general rule for choosing the right color for siding is to take into consideration the typical weather conditions of your area.


Siding color plays an important role in how a house looks. When choosing a color, there are many things to consider including the neighbors (and how their houses look) as well as the area’s weather/climate. Lighter color shades can draw attention to the trim. Darker colors give a warm, cozy feeling to a house. Basically, it’s important to choose a color for your siding that aligns with the look of the neighborhood and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye of most people who see it. Siding color can add value and personality to a house!