Siding gives a home or building a certain look. Siding comes in different forms, including vinyl, brick, cement and wood. What’s the best one for your buck? Vinyl is the cost-effective, low maintenance choice for most people!

A Siding Contractor is the person you need to help figure out what siding is best for you. He or she will also arrange for siding to be installed. How do you pick a good contractor?

First, if a siding contractor outsources their work to another company, that might raise a red flag. How do you know if the other party will do what you intend them to do? Always ask if a contractor uses subcontractors. If they do, be wary.

Also, consider your budget. Jobs typically run a little more than estimates, and it’s important to get a quote before a job starts to have a ballpark figure of what you’d be paying for the work to be done. Make sure the company with whom you sign a contract will actually be responsible for services… and repairs.

Hire a contractor who is experienced in his/her field.

Your siding’s quality will be as good as a contractor who installs it. You will stand to lose a lot of money if you hire a less experienced contractor who is unsure of the job.


Do not hire any contractor who is not insured– this could be disastrous because you’d be responsible for paying the bills for anyone hurt on the job site. A contractor should have workers’ compensation insurance that will take care of any injuries.


Every state and every city has its own regulations requiring licensing for contractors. Typically, licenses are required for big jobs. A license may be needed to get permits to work… so make sure your contractor is licensed.

Reviews and Work Contracts:

What are the projects that the contractor has worked on before? What (and where) are his or her reviews? It’s best to find a siding contractor with a siding installation history. Contractors specialize in specific tasks; it would be nice to have a contractor whose previous projects align with the projects you want him/her to do for you!

Reviews help you get to know more about your contractor and gather some references along the way. Past clients can be very informative regarding past projects, detailing how the contractor managed time and hurdles.