When it comes to keeping a roof in good shape and maintaining its structural integrity then every single shingle counts. Whether it’s heavy rain or heat from sunlight, shingles take it all.

Sometimes shingles go missing, become cracked and/or curl up. Strong winds, harsh storms, and/or heavy rains can mess with shingles. Sometimes shingles dislodge if they are not properly installed by professional roofing contractors. When shingles go missing, the underlying area of the roof becomes vulnerable to damage. This can cause damage to interior parts of the house as well. Besides this, missing shingles create an impact on the aesthetic look of a roof. 

How can you tell whether or not your roof is missing shingles?

Regular Roof Inspection:

Making an appointment with professional roofing contractors. to get your roof inspected will help you know the actual condition of your roof. They will check the roof system inside and out and tell you whether shingles are missing, cracked, or curled up. They will also inform you about the number of missing and damaged shingles.

Water Leaks Through The Walls:

If you see water leaks through the walls, then it’s a strong indicator that shingles on the roof are not in good shape and need repairing or have gone missing.

Water Stains On The Ceiling:

When roof shingles go missing, the underlying area of the roof is impacted. The moisture content in the air gets absorbed by the underlying roof area and then this moisture penetrates through the ceiling. These water stains indicate that the shingles on the roof are damaged beyond repair or they have been blown off by strong winds.

Your Home Insulation Is Not Working Efficiently:

When water or moisture can penetrate through missing shingle areas, it can damage the insulation. If you see a sudden spike in your utility bills or there are extreme fluctuations in the bills, then you should get your roof inspected for damaged or missing shingles.

What To Do If The Roof Is Missing Shingles?

If you are delaying the repairing of your roof, keep in mind that missing shingles can damage the structural integrity of the entire roof system. The underlying area for the roof becomes extremely vulnerable to stagnant water, harsh climatic conditions, the growth of mold, and mildew. Moreover, missing shingles will decrease the value of the house. Ideally, if the roof is missing shingles, you should have a roofing contractor replace them.


Hire professional roofing contractors. who can inspect the roofing system and ensure that everything is in good condition. They have essential skills, expertise, and experience to deal with roofing repair work. Professionals can restore the original condition of the roof and replace all missing shingles.