Arko Exteriors helps a lot of people deal with problems at their homes. Whether it’s roof problems, fire damages, mold growth or other reasons, Arko Exteriors offers several valuable services to the people of Blaine, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

Why hire a roofing company like Arko? Here are key reasons to call…

#1 Damage Due To WaterDamage Due To Water

Water damage can take different forms. It can be due to the roof sagging, a pipe burst, a flood and/or fire issues. Getting rid of stagnant water from the house/roof is essential. Stagnant water can lead to the uncontrolled growth of mold and mildew. Within 24 to 48 hours, you can observe an entire area covered with mold. The mold can take different forms– black, green, white, yellow and gray, for example.

Mold growth can happen in moist areas. It can be around the kitchen sink, bathroom or water-flooded walls and ceilings. Apart from this, you can observe mold growth in the HVAC systems, too. Unattended mold can spread to different parts of the house and can cause health issues including respiratory and skin problems.

#2 Damage Due to Fire

Damage Due to Fire

House fires can happen anytime, anywhere. Even though you take precautionary measures, fire can occur due to short circuits, unprotected live wires or unattended electrical appliances. During a house fire, your priority should be to protect your family and then your house. Fire is devastating as you lose your house; The objects, furniture, documents, clothes, etc. get covered with ashes and soot. The house develops a pungent smell of smoke. If you do not take immediate action, the fire won’t leave any useful items in your house.

#3 Uncontrolled Growth Of Mold In The House Or On The Roof

There are several reasons that lead to mold growth in the house. The top reason is water. Whether it is from rainfall, snow or flood, water retention is the main cause of mold growth. You can find mold growth on the roof, walls and ceilings.

The presence of mold on the roof often indicates that it is no longer useful and efficient. The underlayment rots due to excessive moisture and water. Moreover, it can have an adverse effect on ventilation and insulation. All such problems require the help of repair professionals.

Arko Exteriors offers high-quality services at affordable rates. Besides, the professionals at Arko can help you with insurance policy claims for water, fire and mold damage.


If you’ve got damage due to water, fire or mold, Arko Exteriors can help clean up the problems and restore your house to a better condition. Arko’s team is customer-friendly, professional, qualified and has extensive experience. For more information, contact Arko Exteriors of Blaine, MN, at 763-434-2756.