Your home’s siding provides essential protection because it regularly withstands a variety of factors. The material will, however, gradually decay and lose effectiveness over time as a result of its prolonged exposure to heat, wind, rain and other climatic factors. In most cases, cracks and dry rot are indicators that your siding is no longer in good shape. Another important reason to replace your siding right away is hail damage. If your siding or home is not at urgent risk, you may want to wait and plan your siding project for the best time of year.

The ideal time to replace your siding is typically late fall or early winter in areas with mild winters. It would be preferable to have your new siding put on before the icy winter arrives if you reside in a colder climate.

Is it time to update your siding? If so, is this the right time to do it? Or should a particular time of year be chosen for your siding installation?

Since homeowners want their siding installation to be done properly, we frequently hear these inquiries at Arko Exteriors. While it is possible to replace siding all year round, there are a few things to consider when deciding what will work best for your home.

It’s normal to feel anxious if you’re considering a siding replacement. Here is a guide to assist you to choose when is the best time to have your siding changed if you’re unclear about when to schedule a siding team to work on your house.

Wintertime siding installation

Wintertime siding installation

Installing vinyl siding is typically not advised after temps drop below 50 degrees. The cold temperature makes the panels contract.

Additionally, vinyl becomes more brittle in colder temperatures– as a result, once the siding is fastened to the wall, it can crack and break.

Moisture and spring

Spring isn’t the best time to plan to replace your siding. The project might be put on hold if there is an unexpected downpour, especially if it is halfway completed. The dampness could bother the house’s sheets and walls, regardless of whether you have vinyl or cement siding.


Spring and summer are perhaps the busiest times of the year for contractors, making it difficult for many siding businesses to provide special offers and upgrades at competitive prices. Additionally, if the timetable is made according to the firm’s convenience rather than the project’s ideal plan, you will see that the company has a lot of work when you want them to do your work.

How will you know when to replace the siding?

How will you know when to replace the siding

The greatest time to replace your home’s siding is right now if you’re starting to notice visual problems with it. Arko Exteriors works all year to keep your house looking wonderful and feeling cozy.

If you are on the fence about getting new siding, think about the comfort and efficiency you could be losing right now. Our vinyl siding has a unique insulating board behind it. The insulation board adds another layer of protection against the cold in addition to strengthening and impact-proofing the siding.

Beehives, rodent infestations and bird nests can all result from damaged siding. Everyone avoids thinking about it, but if you see evidence of pest entry, it may be time to think about updating your outside walls.


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