What is water damage restoration? It’s a term that means “a professional company cleans up after a flood or water leak problem.” In your home, you might experience water damage when a pipe bursts, a gutter overflows, or a storm messes with your basement as flood waters rise. If your property is affected by water damage it’s crucial to find the cause and then address it so as to stop more water from ruining your place. If you’re looking for a Professional Water Restoration Service in Minnesota, please call Arko Companies today at 763-434-2756.

To decide whether you will clear-out the area yourself or hire a Professional Water Restoration Service, the initial thing you need to do is to assess the level of damage. Most likely, you’ll want the help of professionals. Before they come over, though, here are some key things to do:

1. Unplug things plugged into wall outlets

2. Dry the water out by opening windows and using fans

3. Sterilize whatever you can

Water damage restoration includes a procedure beginning with a comprehensive check of the damage to the changes of ceilings, walls and flooring.

Step one: Examination

A Professional Water Restoration Service can ideally evaluate the degree of water damage in your house. Each check-up defines a type and classification of water damage.

Step two: Water elimination 

There are certain kinds of tools required based on the level of the water damage. For example, you can use vacuums and pumps to eliminate water from your house.

Step three: Ventilation

After all remaining water and absorbent surfaces are removed, drying and ventilation starts. The drying out method can take numerous weeks to totally finish.

Step four: Vacuuming

All personal things need to be scrubbed and disinfected to avoid undesirable mildew and microbial development.

Step five: Restoration

The major step is restoration. Restoration includes changing materials like drywall. Occasionally this procedure is as easy as setting up several boards of drywall, though severe circumstances could result in changing complete walls. Lead and/or asbestos removal may come into play, especially if it’s an older building. And, of course, there’s usually the need for mold removal.

Even if your residence has been waterlogged by damaged pipes or a dripping roof, it’s vital to eliminate all filthy and wet materials in your house immediately.

For help figuring out what to do if you’ve got water damage, please call the Minnesota water damage restoration experts at Arko Companies at 763-434-2756.