A home in Minnesota is one of the most valuable assets you can own. Having a decent roof over it is important, just like having strong siding matters, too. You may want to install, replace or repair the siding of your home at some point. You’ll want to hire a siding contractor. Knowing what to expect from a siding contractor in Minnesota helps answer some questions you might have.

Things To Expect From A Siding Contractor In Minnesota

Professional siding contractors

Many siding contractors in Minnesota can help you with siding installation, replacement and repair. Some of these contractors can help you install custom sidings that will complement your home’s overall look.

What are some things you can expect from siding contractors? Here are some things to think about…

1. Product And Labor Warranties

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Warranties play a critical role in your project’s longevity. However, all warranties are not equal. A siding contractor should make use of siding products with intact warranties. A warranty will protect your investment if the product does not work properly or if it is defective.

Expect to have intact product warranties when a professional siding contractor in Minnesota installs your siding. However, you should know that some warranties cover the product and not the installation.

A professional siding contractor in Minnesota can offer a warranty on both installation and labor. Therefore, you should seek assurance on the type of workmanship and siding product a contractor offers.

2. Estimated Cost Of The Project

The estimated cost of the project will consist of fees, labor and material(s) cost. A siding contractor in Minnesota should be able to provide an estimated total cost of the project. The estimated project cost will give you an idea of what you are expected to pay.

You must understand the details of what you are paying for before your contractor begins work on the project. Additionally, the estimated cost will let you know who will be responsible for any unplanned expenses.

You should get the estimated cost of the total project from at least three contractors before choosing one. However, you should be aware that you will get what you pay for; Do not be enticed by a low-ball price. The workmanship may be poor if the price is too low.

3. Contract Details

You should expect to get a contract from your contractor. You must never sign the contract if you have not read the content or if you do not understand the details.

One mistake many homeowners make is not reading through the details of the contract provided by the contractor. Another mistake is allowing the contractor to begin the project without having a contract in place. A siding contractor in Minnesota should provide you with a detailed job description. The contract should establish the start and completion date of the project. Both parties must agree on the information provided in the contract. You and the contractor can also provide solutions to any conflict. You both can also agree on alternative procedures should the project scope change.

4. Payment Plan

You must never make a 100% upfront payment of the cost of your project. Doing so is not a good business practice for projects that will take some time before they’re completed.

You should expect to get a payment plan from a siding contractor in Minnesota. This plan should allow you to make payments in installations. However, you should expect to make a down payment before the project starts. The payment should be around 50% of the estimated total cost. This is typically negotiable depending on the contractor.

Also, you should expect to pay after the project reaches a significant milestone. You will make the final payment after the completion of the project.

5. Get Details In Writing

The estimated cost of the project, contract details, and payment plan are significant things you should expect to get in writing. Ensure that all the contractor’s verbal promises are also put down in writing.

The oral agreements and assurances that you make have weight only when they are in writing. Additionally, having all these items in the contract will ensure that you are covered with any siding contractor you hire in Minnesota.

Also, ensure that you are comfortable with every detail that is covered within the document. If you are not satisfied with the details in writing, ask the siding contractor for a revision before signing it.

6. References

Yes, you should expect to get references from your siding contractor in Minnesota. You should speak with someone that has worked with the contractor before. However, many contractors will only provide references only when you request them.

To contact these references, ask for addresses, numbers, and names of clients that the contractor has previously worked with. Never hire any siding contractor who is hesitant to provide references!
Most reputable siding contractors in Minnesota are proud of their work, so you can expect them to direct you to past customers they have worked with before.

7. Customer Service

Finally, you should expect your siding contractor in Minnesota to provide you with excellent customer service. However, you must consider the level of customer service they offer. This service starts when you contact them for consultation. It continues and ends until you are satisfied with the job done. Furthermore, you should expect to get good customer service from the contractor. Good customer service people should provide prompt answers to any question you have. They should also communicate with you as much as required until the project is complete.


Your home’s siding is as good as the siding contractor who installs it. Knowing what to expect from them is important to avoid issues in the process of your project. Any good siding contractor in Minnesota must be able to meet your expectations for the project from start to finish. Need siding work done? Arko Exteriors can do the job.