There are several fun activities you can do in Hilltop, including indulging your taste buds at Ariya Thai Restaurant, enjoying the scenery at Silverwood Park, enjoying a culinary experience at Afandina Café, and so much more. More can be found here.


Since the stage appears so close, you will want to avoid the first few rows even though the view from all seats is quite okay when you visit ComedySportz. Go for seats at the back or in the middle. You can enjoy the Saturday night Main Event for excellent engagement and entertainment. The actors always solicit several of the skits from the crowd. Visit more about Roseville and Its Funfairs.

Bartz Snow Sculptures

The story behind Bartz Snow Sculptures started with three brothers built a pufferfish, and with years, they began to collect donation for keeping the ocean water clean. The sculptures are worth seeing in person, and when you are with your family, they will be impressed. You can take photos and get an idea of how much work they went through to produce these massive snow sculptures through the FAQs.

Knowmad Adventures

When you visit Knowmad Adventures, you will enjoy a completely accommodating crew. They have wonderful recommendations for the trip and are quite patient with whatever questions you may have. You will become familiar with the elevation gradually by staying in the Sacred Valley.

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