Storms are really devastating, and they can wreak havoc on the roof of a house. The very first thing that family members must do if there’s storm damage to the house is to move to a safer place until the storm subsides. During stormy weather, it is not advisable to remain in an unsafe residential area. Due to the storm and heavy rain, there could be a flood-like situation as well. The strong winds damage the roof, and trees may get uprooted. You need to be prepared to deal with the post-storm situation in order to get back to your normal life.

Here are some of the steps that you must follow right after any kind of storm damage…

#1 Assessing The Damage Caused To The Property: 

Assessing The Damage Caused To The Property

After a storm, there could be extensive damage caused to the doors, windows, electrical lines, gas lines, and much more. So… you need to assess the damage, and take photographs and write down all the issues that would be important, especially to your insurance company.

#2 Consider Safety Precautions: 

Before you walk inside the house, make sure that you and your family are taking all the necessary safety precautions. You should wear safety gear such as gloves, boots, and glasses before you enter the damaged house.

#3 Check The Entire House And Inform The Gas And Electric Companies: 

Inspect the furniture, the overall condition of the house, gather all important documents and artifacts, and keep as much as you can safe from further harm. If the furniture is damaged beyond repair, it is better to discard it. Check all the kitchen appliances, electric generators, and other gadgets. The storm might have also damaged electrical lines, and there could be a high risk of a short circuit. Also check the gas line, and if you feel it is damaged then call the gas company to repair it immediately.

#4 Check The Roof And Attic Region: 

After you have inspected the condition of the house from the inside, check the condition of the roof. You can examine the roof by climbing onto it. Check the flashing, shingles, gutters, and ventilation and write down the severity of the damage that has been caused. If you feel that climbing onto the roof would be risky then call storm damage restoration professionals; They would take charge of the inspection as well as repairs.

#5 Take Photos Of The Damages Caused To The House: 

Once you have safely collected all your important items, take photographs of the damage that has been caused to the roof and any damages inside the house. These photographs can be attached to the official documents for your insurance claim. With the help of the insurance money, you should be able to pay for all the repairs that need to be carried out due to all the damage caused by the storm.

#6 Hire Storm Damage Restoration Professionals: 

Hire Storm Damage Restoration Professionals

Once you have done the assessment, it is time to fix the damage caused to the house and the roof. So… you should call storm damage restoration professionals and get the work started as soon as possible. They will conduct the inspection and prepare a detailed report of the damage. This report should be attached with supporting documents and images to increase the value of the insurance claim. After the report submission, the restoration work gets started; They will work on removing stormwater from inside the house, collecting and discarding damaged furniture, and working on the restoration process of all other damages.

#7 Contact Your Insurance Company/Agent: 

Get in touch with your insurance company/agent and start the process of filing the insurance claim. All you have to do is fill in the required form and be ready with the documents, storm damage assessment report, and photographic images.


If you are living in a residential area that is prone to storms, you could be facing a lot of problems every year due to bad storms. It’s good to be prepared and consider safety measures in advance. These guidelines should help you take the right steps when your home has been hit by a storm.