Roofs are an essential component of the house. Roofs protect the house from external weathering, storms, heavy rains, strong winds, snowfall, and hailstorms. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep track of the health of the roof and have it inspected regularly. Regular inspections help to acknowledge the warning signs and/or find red flags indicating problems. Furthermore, to keep your roofs well-maintained and strong, it is important to regularly clean the gutters and drains.

Wash The Entire Roofing Surface

With time, your home’s roof will start to look dirty and dark because of external elements. Wash the roofing area by spraying bleaching solution and water on it. The bleaching solution will easily remove the stubborn dirt, plant critters, algae, and molds. Regular washing of the roof will protect it from frequent peeling or scraping.

Clean The Buildup And Debris

Small leaves, branch cuttings, bird feathers and more can degrade into a soggy mass that generally clogs drains and gutters. The blocking of drains causes the development of molds, moss, fungi, algae and mildew. If left unattended, debris can lead to water pools which in turn will increase the load on the roof. In some situations, the blocked water can seep into the roof/house and cause structural damage to the interior of the house. While cleaning, it’s important to scoop out debris from the gutter(s).

Inspecting The Gutter and Drains Thoroughly

Once you remove the debris from the drain or gutter, take a look inside it with the help of a flashlight. Remove accumulated leaves, small critters, granules, etc., with the help of a pipe brush or water spray and push the waste down the drain.

Making Use Of Conventional Gutters

If you are using pitched roofs, then the water would simply glide off into the gutter and directly flow to the underground drainage system. Opting for roof drains can be a simple and inexpensive way to keep water from spreading all over the place. They will also provide protection for doors and windows. Moreover, you can avoid water pooling situations on the roof. In addition, should install covered gutters since they won’t allow any twigs, leaves, and/or other debris to clog the drain and damage it.


These quick tips can help you with maintaining your roof by cleaning the gutters and drains. Carefully inspect the drainage system to prevent any kind of damage to the house by water infiltration. Taking meticulous steps while cleaning your roof will help it to last longer and be in better condition.