Have you looked up at your roof and saw moss growing on it? Moss disrupts the look and efficiency of the roof. Moreover, moss will increase water retention and moisture absorption. The water absorbed by the moss will penetrate inside the roof. The underlayment of the roof will rot and lead the water to your ceiling and walls. The best thing to do if you see moss growing on your roof is to hire roofing professionals to inspect, clean and maintain the roof.

What can be done about moss on the roof? Here are some ideas…

#1 You Can Use Dry And Liquid Moss Cleaning Solutions:

There are dry moss-killing powders available; You have to apply the powder to the moss growth. Inspect the entire roof and apply the moss powder in the lines of the roof, edges and in-between the shingles. You should let the powder set and then apply water after a few hours. The mixture of water and powder will activate the chemicals in the powder and attempt to kill the moss. Within a week, you will observe that the moss is dead. You can use a brush and water to remove the dead remains from the roof. While cleaning, you should wipe out excess powder that is lined in other parts of the roof. If not, you will see the white lines on the roof until it gets washed away with rainwater. Make sure to apply excessive powder if the growth of moss is high.

Besides dry powder, you can use liquid moss killers. You will need to make a diluted solution of the liquid to apply to the moss growth. The process is similar to dry powder; After application, you must let the chemicals set in. After a few days, you can use a brush to clean/remove the moss.

#2 Make Use Of The Moss Spray Hose:

Inspect and maintain roof

Another simple technique to remove moss is to use a high-pressure water hose. You have to climb the roof and spray water on the area covered with moss. Pressurized water is always effective in eliminating moss growth from the roof. Besides, it is an eco-friendly method that does not involve harsh chemicals which may damage the roof shingles if not used according to instructions.

#3 Scrub Off The Moss From The Roof:

hire roofing professionals for removing moss from roof

If you opt to scrub off the moss yourself, you could do damage to your shingles. It’s best to employ professionals with the tools and know-how to do this process safely and efficiently.


Most people would rather call professionals to get rid of moss from their roof, rather than attempt this dirty work themselves. Thankfully, Arko Exteriors can get rid of moss on your roof in Minnesota. For more information, please call Arko Exteriors of Blaine, MN, at 763-434-2756.