The roof of a house keeps you and your family protected throughout the year. Is roof-maintenance long overdue at your house? How do you know if you need to repair or replace it? The best thing that you can do is watch for signs and respond appropriately.

Here are 5 important signs to look for:

#1 Damaged Shingles:

Curling Shingles: Your shingles could start curling in two ways. One– the shingle edges turn upwards in a process called cupping. Two– the middle section lifts in a process known as weathering. Severe cupping and weathering lead to leaks and are obvious signs that your roof has served its time and you need a roof replacement.
The initial stages of these conditions are a sign to start saving for a new roof system or get the problem areas repaired as soon as possible.

Broken Or Cracked Shingles: Broken or cracked shingles have typically experienced really harsh weather. If it’s just certain sections of the roof that are affected, then you’ll need to replace only those particular shingles. But if the situation is widely spread, then that’s a sign you need a new roof. With continuous maintenance, your roof can still last for five years – enough time to save for and invest in a new roof.

Missing Shingles: Just like with broken shingles, you should replace shingles that are missing. Now getting quality shingles that match your roof is not going to be easy. The granule colors often vary with every production, and if your roof is an old(er) version, you should expect color differences due to weathering.

#2 Growth Of Moss, Algae, And Mildew On The Roof: 

Moss and algae growing on your roof will influence its aesthetics. You don’t want this, particularly on a commercial roofing system. While carrying out regular maintenance of the roof, you can clean/clear out moss and algae by using cleaning solutions. Always remember not to scrub the roof shingles since that will clear out the granules and reduce the service life of the roof. The best solution to use on a roof involves a mix of one part water and one part bleach… Or install zinc strips at the top part(s) of the roof to slowly eliminate the problem.

#3 Roofing Rust And Corrosion:

Rusting and corrosion show a definite possibility that there is water build-up in some parts of your roof. These problems usually happen around metal fasteners and fittings. When inspecting for rust and corrosion, look for signs of deterioration in areas close to any metal. Corrosion can be in the form of paint delamination or timber rot. When this happens, it’s best to work out a roofing restoration plan with an experienced roofing contractor.

#4 You See Signs Of Water Damage Inside Your Home/Attic:

If you come across any sign of water leaks into any parts of your home or attic, there’s a good chance that your shingle underlayment is inadequate or flashing on your roof has deteriorated. Mold and mildew can result from insufficient roof ventilation and can lead to health problems and costly repairs. If you spot water stains on your ceiling or attic, it’s best to call a professional ASAP to find the source of the problem and get it fixed!

#5 Damaged Flashing:

When metal flashing material gets cracked or bent, that’s usually because of improper installation or drying and cracking on/of an older roof.


The aforementioned signs are some of the most common signs that indicate you are in need of a roof repairing or replacement depending on the severity of the problems. There can be other signs as well, so if you notice something unusual on your roof, you should call a professional for a complete roof inspection. A little problem can turn into a major one very quickly so don’t keep postponing a roof inspection; Do the fixing and/or replacement to make sure your home stays safe.