Staying around an extremely heat environment? Or contemplating a change of roof shingles due to extreme heat in the apartment? Here are some tips to guide your choice:

The materials for roofing shingles contribute to the general temperature level of the house. Although, using energy-saving appliances also dictate the atmospheric temperature internally, however, the major impact comes from the house coverings.

Except the house is situated around covered areas, the roof is directly exposed to sunlight for long periods in a day, which increases the temperature during summer periods. How to reduce this? Blaine, MN can be seen here.


  • Install Metal Roofing:

Metal roofings are built with coatings to keep the house cool, even during hot days and warm during winter. One major disadvantage is the high price tag attached to it, asides this, it lasts longs and saves energy efficiently. Click here to read about Choosing the Right Roofing: tips to guide your choice.


  • Use Roof Gardens:

If changing an entire roof is not feasible for this period, there’s a solution for you – plant a roof garden. The plants on the roof will absorb the heat and prevent the temperature extremity of the house. However, before taking this step, ensure the roof is heavily weighted to admit the plants.


  • Install Solar Shingles:

If you’re ready to spare some extra cash, you can consider using solar shingles. There are building-integrated photo-voltaic (BIPV) panels that will perfectly replace the traditional roof shingles.

Energy-saving shingles are great ways of reducing energy bills, investment and adds an impressive look to your apartment.

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