The roof and siding are two of the essential components of any house. These things provide protection, and they also increase the curb appeal of the house. Siding enhances the aesthetic appeal of a house. But… if you do not keep your siding well-maintained, with time it will start fading. The vibrancy of the color will start diminishing, a layer of the paint might start peeling out from all around the surface of the siding, and it might get damaged from the edges or from the middle. Damaged and dull-looking siding won’t provide any sort of functional efficiency or protection to your house and family. So how can you prevent siding from fading?

Why Does The Siding Surface Start Fading?

Why Does The Siding Surface Start Fading?

Most types of siding undergo the fading stage. One of the most common sidings that seems to have a great issue of fading is vinyl siding. It experiences fading because it has been exposed to heat and UV rays of the sun, and other climatic conditions such as rain and hail and snow. Meanwhile, extreme heat and sun rays endured by the siding leads to fading of the surface as the color quality starts deteriorating.

For some homeowners, this is not an issue because the house is in a shaded area and does not receive direct UV rays. If some part of the siding is shaded, however, and some is not, then it will cause uneven fading of the siding.

Direct sunlight falling on the siding creates some other problems as well such as the process of oxidation, or, as it is commonly called, rust. Also, chalky white residue starts building up inside the faded surface and weakens the efficiency of the siding.

How Can You Prevent Siding From Fading And Fix The Rusting Issue?

#1 Make Use Of Cleaning Products:

If you think that rust has not yet damaged the entire siding, you can use some high-quality cleaning products and wipe out all the rust residue. Once the residue has been removed, you can see that the siding looks almost fresh and new. But if the damage caused to the siding is quite severe, you need to try out some other methods.

#2 Make Use Of Restoration Products:

Restoration products are highly powerful and will focus on enhancing the look of the siding and bring shine and luster to it. Moreover, restoration products will be helpful in removing rust and slowing down the oxidation process.

#3 Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint To Refresh The Look Of The Siding:

Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint To Refresh The Look Of The Siding

Once you have washed the siding and removed the chalky residue, you can brighten the look of the siding by applying a fresh coat of paint. The paint will not only enhance the look of the siding but also be helpful in preventing corrosion or rusting of the siding. It will help in rebuilding the strength of the siding and its functional efficiency.


Generally, you can restore the efficiency and look of the siding on your own by following the aforementioned steps. But, sometimes, it would be extremely hectic and time consuming for you to do this work on your own. Besides, you might end up causing more damage to the siding if you lack the proper skills or tools. So, in such a situation you can call professionals to do the job for you. They have the experience as well as the expertise to improve the look of your siding, repairing damages, and preventing further rusting.