If you’re a homeowner, you need to be vigilant about the most essential thing that will keep you and your family protected throughout the winter– your roof! .

Winter is basically a very rough season for roofs. Roofs endure a lot during the winter months. There’s snow, the formation of ice dams, melting ice causing leaks, and more. Now is the right time to schedule a roof inspection from a professional roofing company in order to know the actual condition of your roof.

With proper maintenance, you will not only keep your roof healthy but extend its service life and safeguard it against serious damage.

What are some ways you can prepare your roof for winter?

Start By Assessing The Condition Of The Roof Framework:

A Roofing professionals can complete roof framework assessments. By looking at the roof you can identify problems that are visible on the surface of the roof. But what about the underlying area? The assessment of the framework will help you understand the actual condition of the underlying area as well as address all the signs of a sagging roof. It is essential to complete this assessment before the onset of winter since winter storms can easily destroy the roof if the framework is not strong. Professional roofers are skilled enough to spot signs of trouble before they lead to leaks.

Check The Roof Flashing Area:

The area surrounding the flashing is considered the most common area where leaks occur. Your professional roofing contractor would inspect the area around the flashing to ensure that it is completely sealed. If they can visibly spot signs of leakage, get those leaks repaired immediately. As per the experts, it is recommended that flashing be inspected twice a year or after every season. The flashing area can easily get loose due to stormy weather if not sealed properly.

Professional Roofing Contractors Should Inspect Roof Valleys:

You should always ensure that the valleys of the roof are clean and there is no accumulation of debris. If the debris is not getting removed regularly, it will increase the weight on the roof and can cause unnecessary wear and tear. If you see that the valley is full of bird nests, tree branches, dirt, and/or dried leaves, then ask your roofing contractor to get it cleared out and cleaned before the winter. Debris can cause ice dams in the winter, which in turn damage the gutter system and cause water leaks.

Properly Examine The Condition Of The Roof Shingles:

Sometimes strong winds can loosen the bonding of shingles and they get blown off. Generally, missing granules and visible signs of cracks and curling indicate that a shingle is suffering and may need to be replaced. Your professional roofing contractor can easily replace shingles and also inform you about the actual condition of the shingles on your roof.

Keep The Gutter System Clean:

Due to changing weather conditions, gutters can get filled with shingle granules, dried leaves, and other debris. If the debris is not cleared out before winter, it will clog the gutters when the melting snow flows from the roof. The water will not get enough space to flow out and will cause ice blocks. The increasing weight on the gutters will detach the guttersfrom the point at which they are secured to the house. Gutters that are not securely tightened can lead to an overflow, which can damage your roof and the exterior walls of your home.


During the winter season, the roof has to endure a lot of climatic changes. As a homeowner, you must ensure that the roof is in good condition to stand strong during rough weather. So, get the roofing system inspected by professional roofing contractors. If there are some damages or signs of missing/cracked shingles, have the contractors make repairs immediately.