Roofs are an integral component of any house. Typical roofing systems include shingles, roof underlayment, ventilation, flashing, roof edges, gutters and more. Of all the crucial components, roof and attic ventilation play a significant role in maintaining room temperature inside a home.

Proper ventilation helps make a house energy-efficient. It also keeps the roofs dry and prevents ice dam formation.

How can you improve the functional efficiency of your roof  and attic ventilation? Here are some ideas…

#1 Assess The Current Condition Of Your Ventilation:

Before you decide on ventilation repair or replacement, assess the current condition(s). You have to know what’s needed– perhaps you need to replace broken pieces or add more ventilation. If you don’t know much about ventilation, ask a professional to assess your situation. Or try this– during summers, you can touch and check the ceiling. If the ceiling feels warm or hot, it shows that the ventilation is not working properly. Usually the ventilation should keep the interior cool and comfortable. During winters, meanwhile, the roof should not have ice build-ups or dams. If you see those, you’ve got issues.

#2 Insertion Of New Ventilation:

ventilation repair or replacement

Roof vents are fixed to the highest point of the roof. Due to this, air circulation increases only to the attic. The vents present in the attic ensure that the temperature inside the house remains cool and comfortable. Moist air will escape and create space for cool air. This will help to prevent the heating up of the house and excessive condensation. You need to inspect the vents and remove debris from them to enhance the efficiency of the roof and attic ventilation.

#3 Installation Of Fans To Improve The Overall Functioning Of The Ventilation:

roof and attic ventilation

With the installation of fans, you can improve the air circulation in the house and the functional efficiency of the ventilation. Fans really help in humid and hot climates. The fans will also help activate the thermostat to remove warm air.

#4 Install Soffit Planks To Improve The Functions Of Ventilation:

Many homeowners use soffit planks for the roof and attic. Such planks are efficient to enhance the function of the old ventilation. These planks will cover the roof beams and make way for the ventilation. They will enhance the efficiency of the attic ventilation. The planks will allow outside air to enter the house and also remove the moist air. With this, you can increase the overall cooling of the house. Moreover, soffit planks are helpful to keep the roof dry and efficient.


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