Are you planning to apply a fresh coat of paint to your siding? If yes, then the most confusing thing that you could come across is choosing the right color for the siding. Selecting the perfect color tone for your siding can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many options on the market to choose from which makes the process even more difficult. Every homeowner has to face the fear of ending up with the wrong color selection for their siding. Once the paint is applied, it will be there for a couple of years till you change it again.

So, to make the process of selecting the right color for your siding a bit simpler, here are some essential tips from the experts.

Follow these tips to pick the right color for your siding…

#1 Take Into Consideration The Local Climatic Changes In Your Area:

There are certain colors that can amplify the climatic changes or weather which will have an impact on the comfort level inside the house. As per the experts, darker color shades can absorb almost 80 to 90 percent of the energy from sunlight whereas lighter color shades will reflect most of the light back. This implies that lighter color shades of siding will keep your house cool. If you live in an area with a warmer climate then you should choose a light color for the siding and if the local climate is quite cold then opt for a darker color shade.

#2 You Can Get Siding Color Ideas From The Houses In Your Neighborhood:

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When you have decided to give a fresh coat of paint to your siding then you can take tips for the color selection from the houses in your neighborhood. Glance at the different color shades that are used by the people in your neighborhood. Their colors can inspire you to come up with a new color shade for your own siding– or choose a similar shade that looks like the one on your neighbor’s house. You can also compare the different house layouts using different siding colors. Sometimes people like to match the roof and siding color to enhance the overall look of their house.

#3 Focus On The Architectural Layout Of Your House:

The architectural style of your house has a major role to play in choosing the right color for the siding. The layout will provide you with visual cues and guide you in selecting the best color for the siding. For instance, if you check out colonial-style homes, they will generally have a single color scheme– white, grey, or any other subtle color. But modern houses make use of bright colors to make them look visually appealing. Find a house that looks like yours and copy their color scheme.

#4 Don’t Forget The Roof:

Dont Forget The Roof

One of the important aspects that you must not forget when choosing a siding color is the color of your roof. Your roof color remains the same for almost 30 years whereas you can change the siding color every couple of years. So, take into consideration the color of the roof before you finalize the siding color. If the color of the roof is dark then the color of the siding should be lighter and vice versa. You can also opt for a neutral hue for the roof, which could help make the house look stunning.


These days people are opting for a wide range of color schemes to be used for their siding. You can select two to three colors or shades of a single color and then apply it on the siding to “test it out.” Sometimes you might feel that you are not confident with choosing the right colors, so you can consult professionals like the ones at Arko and take their suggestions. They are well aware of color trends and they take into consideration the style of the house before suggesting shades.