If you own a commercial establishment, you are aware of the necessity to maintain it. One of the most crucial parts of maintaining a building’s appearance and functionality is roof upkeep.

A preventative maintenance program has numerous unnoticed advantages, despite initially appearing to be an unneeded expense.

Being proactive rather than constantly reactive is preferable when it comes to business roof maintenance. All roofing systems, from BUR to TPO, should abide by this guideline.

The secret to maximizing the function of your roof and lowering its overall cost of ownership over time is preventive maintenance.

Why maintain your roof? Here are some things to think about…

#1 Increased roof life 

Increased roof life

Performing timely repairs and planned inspections are part of preventive maintenance. Following the plan, whether or not there are obvious warning signs, enables you to deal with issues before they become a headache for you. After all, covert forms of harm don’t immediately manifest themselves. They form during storms, remain unnoticed for months or years and wreak havoc on your property when you least expect it. You have a better chance of finding them early on and reducing the potential damage if you actively look for them.

Your roofing system must be actively maintained to remain functional for as long as feasible.

#2 Regular inspections guide the need for maintenance 

Roof Maintenance

Long-term roof problems and repairs can be avoided by frequently having a professional roofing company inspect your commercial roof.

Regular inspections allow you to identify potential problems before they grow to be costly or complicated to fix. This will assist you in preventing significant damage, saving money on future repairs and extending the useful life of your roof. A maintenance program may occasionally assist you in fulfilling the conditions of your roof guarantee as well.

#3 Frequency of inspections

The majority of roofers concur that building owners ought to have two inspections every year, one following the winter and one following the summer. This enables the roofers to check that the roof drains and gutters are working, clean away storm-related debris and look for problems with the roof material like ponding or blistering.

#4 Customer and employee safety

Anyone within the building, including both employees and clients, is at risk for injury if the quality of your business roof is worsening. Think about people’s safety.

#5 Mold problems

Those who already have lung disorders, such as asthma, may experience breathing difficulties due to mold. Mold, mildew, and fungus are welcome to settle in if you have roof leaks or holes in the roof material brought on by standing water.

#6 HVAC apparatus

Your building is kept comfortable by HVAC equipment, which keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, even when placed correctly, HVAC equipment requires roof penetrations through the coating for pipes and ducting. These places may deteriorate with time, leading to loose or unstable equipment. Check the area around your rooftop HVAC system regularly to spot leaks or pools of water. These problem areas can be identified and fixed with the help of a regular roof inspection and maintenance plan, preventing the need for a complete roof replacement.

#7 Avoiding downtime

Any type of commercial roof care can cause some degree of disruption, but taking a reactive approach to maintenance can have a substantial impact on your company’s operations.

It’s much easier to avoid downtime by scheduling inspections with skilled roofers at your convenience rather than dealing with unexpected, undetected leaks. In this manner, if you need to offer your roof the care it requires, your business won’t suffer.

#8 Detailed reports on the condition of your roof 

A commercial roofing contractor will guarantee the proper processes are followed and provide you with in-depth information on the state of your roofing system.

The ventilation and insulation systems on your roof will be thoroughly examined by the roofing contractor. These components are crucial to keeping your roof waterproof and comfortable for those inside.

Additionally, they will look for wear and tear or damage that could indicate future issues and determine when something requires urgent treatment. Before anything big happens, this might help you prepare a budget and plan for any necessary repairs or replacements down the line.


The greatest approach to maintaining your roof’s appearance, functionality and cost-effectiveness is through routine maintenance. Building owners may maintain the security and functionality of their roofing system with the help of Arko Exteriors. To get started, get in touch with our roofing experts right away. Call Arko Exteriors at 763-434-2756 for more information.