Roofs are designed to keep a house (and family inside) protected from harsh weather. Besides this, roofs help enhance the beauty or curb appeal of a house.

A few years back, roof designs were only limited to slanted or sloped roofs. A flat roof was not even considered an option. Thanks to an advancement in modern architectural design, however, flat roofs are becoming very popular. Many homeowners are replacing their old roof with a flat roof.

Why are flat roofs en vogue?

#1 With Flat Roofs You Get Additional Space

When you have a slanted roof, you cannot make any use of the actual roof area. Although sloped or slanted roofs keep the house fully covered, they do not offer any additional space. That is not the case with flat roofs. They are designed to add extra, usable square footage to the house, where you can easily install solar panels or adjust the condenser of the HVAC system or the furnace. Besides this, you can use the flat top roof space to organize small events (it makes a nice sitting area) and/or convert the space into a garden.

#2 Flat Roofs Show Off Modern Architectural Design And Enhance The Look Of The House

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When you are planning to have a new roof on your house or replacing an old one, you can opt for flat roofs. Most homeowners are looking to spend more time outside, enjoying nature and getting fresh air. They can spend time on their roof! A flat roof can be aesthetically appealing and make your house stand out from the houses located nearby.

#3 Flat Roofs Are Relatively Affordable Compared To Sloped/Slanted Roof Structures

If you consider high-pitched, sloped and slanted roof structures, you can easily guess that they are very expensive because of the amount of material that goes into installing the roof frame and the topmost layer. Besides this, if you choose decorative and patterned shingles, then the overall cost of the roofing system will increase up to twice the original cost.

If you are choosing a flat roof, then you can save a lot of money. The building and installation process of a flat roof is not very expensive and can be completed within a short period. The installation is simple and does not require much money, roofing material, or even labor.

#4 Flat Roofs Are Designed To Be Damage Resistant

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It is known that no roofing structure is so strong and sturdy that it can be 100 percent damage-resistant. That said, a flat roofing system or structure is highly durable and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds, heavy rainfall, and even snowfall. Unlike sloped roofing systems, there is no wear or tear caused to the flat roof due to such weather conditions.


Sloped roofing systems are no doubt aesthetically appealing, but they are no longer in high demand. Flat roofs are becoming a popular option in today’s world. People like the benefits of having a flat roof, especially because they offer usable space.